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The topic of this research is the contributions of modern office equipment. In the advancement of secretarial profession. The study was restricted to Anammco and Emenite Plc. Emene, near Enugu Urban.

To conduct the study, questionnaire structured in two phases was used as the instrument for collecting data.

The instrument was validated by the use of pilot test and test –re-test method.

Phase a of the questionnaire contain personal data of the respondents while phase B contained the main questionnaire items used in eliciting the major response upon which decision were based in the research.

The population consist all the secretaries in Anammco plc and Emenite Ltd. Emene. They are 200 in number out of the population, a sample of 90 secretaries were randomly selected.

After the analysis, which were presented in tables with percentage scores, the following findings were made.

–       Secretaries in Anammco and Emenite plc use modern office equipment like computer, teleprompter and telephone answering machine and E- mail.

–       These secretaries do not encounter problems in the usage of such office equipment.

–       Modern office equipment contributes very significantly in increasing the secretaries efficiently and effectiveness.

–       Secretaries derive huge amount of Joy in using modern office equipment.

After the findings, the following recommendations were made:

–       Modern office equipment should replace the old one since the modern ones enhance efficiency of secretaries.

–       The challenges posed by the equipment to secretaries can be challenged by the secretaries if they put more effort in their duties which do not really require office equipment so as to make their place in the business industry indispensable.

–       The management of the organization should try to procure this office equipment for Secretaries Job efficiency.

–       As a result of difficulties in manipulating these equipment. Secretaries should be sent for further training.

–       Organization should procure power generators to ensure that they are always functional.

–       Finally, the researcher suggested that further studies could be undertaken on the place of the secretary in the success of business organization in general.




1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of problem

1.3              Purpose of study

1.4              Significance of study

1.5              Delimitation of the study

1.6              Assumption of the study

1.7              Research questions

1.8              Definition of terms


Literature review

2.1              The contributions of modern office equipment

to the secretary’s job efficiency

2.2              Classification of modern office equipment

2.3              Duties of a secretary

2.4              Problem secretaries encounter in the   use of modern office equipment


Research methodology

3.1              Design of the study

3.2              Source of data

3.3              Area of the study

3.4              Population of the study

3.5              Sample and sampling technique

3.6              Instrument used for coveting data

3.7              Method of administration

and collection data

3.8              Method of data analysis

3.9              Validity of research instrument


Presentation and analysis of data


Discussion of findings, summary, recommendations and conclusion

5.1       discussions of findings

5.2       Summary of findings

5.3       Recommendations

5.4       Conclusion

5.5       Limitation of study

5.6       Suggestion for further study






According to Neuner et al (1972), modern office equipment is the intermediary between the secretary and her Job. It enables her to accomplish more work in few hours with greater efficiency and better Quality. Also Doswell (1978) mentioned that a secretary is capable of working faster and more efficiently with modern office equipment with a minimum of fatigue.

The use of this modern office equipment by a secretary can result in greater output than that of a secretary using manual or under-developed equipment. Highly skilled personnel is sought for in business organization nowadays and to this effect, Russo et al (1980) advocated that the more productive a secretary is, the more the organization can afford to pay with in reasonable limits and hence create employment opportunities for secretaries.

            The invention of office equipment necessitated the growth in large enterprise and also a technological break –through. The office, therefore, receives much on sophisticated office equipment in order to cope with the ever- increasing roles in the organization.

It seems, however, that although the higher levels of management might not make much direct use of technology, the secretary. Will. The future for office automation for this job is in providing the secretary with system that meets the real need identified as being important, rather than the ones of typing and stenography that are thought to be important.

As against the traditional office, the modern office has a lot of activities to perform with the aid of modern equipment. These day’s uncountable organizations have installed these equipment and the sectaries are present to manipulate some of them in discharging their duties officially. However, modern office equipments which act as improvement tools in the secretary’s job arose from the numerous mathematical calculations done in offices, and the use of the equipment by a secretary can result to a greater output than that of a secretary using manual equipment.

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Automation in office emerged to replace work and enhance office efficiency and productivity

Today, Secretaries profession has witnessed a marked change in terms of technological advancement. Modern office equipment has taken the toll of events with the growing rate of scientific and technological innovations.

There are office equipment which are used in organization to improve office work and reduce labour costs. They include electric typewriters, computers, telephone, dictating machines, facsimile transceiver, internet and others are tremendously used in offices today.

The problem of this study is that now, it has not been known the extent these modern office equipment help the secretary in performing her job, to effectiveness and efficiency.

From the use of these modern office equipment it has also not been know whether these equipment act as important tools in the much –desired secretary’s job Satisfaction.

This research work therefore attempts to find out the contributions of modern office equipments in the advancement of secretarial profession.

1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY.

The purpose of the study:

i.                    To find out the type of office equipment used in Anammco and Enaenite.

ii.                  To find out if any of the equipment is modern

iii.                To determine the extent the use of these equipments has assisted the secretary in performing their job.

iv.                To find out the problems they encounter in using office equipment.

v.                  To determine if Anammco management and Emenite management derive any economic advantage from using these machines.


This research would serve as an indicator to employers so as to know the type of modern office equipment needed by the secretary that will be best for maximum efficiency and productivity of secretarial work and the entire organization. It would also serve as a means to ease workload of secretaries in office and bring about job efficiency to secretaries.

Finally, business organization would appreciate the importance of these equipment and thus procure them.


The researcher assumes that if modern office equipment were provided in various offices they would contribute to secretarial effectiveness and efficiency.

It is also assumed that the reverse may be the case where secretaries have the skill and there is lack of modern office equipment.

The researcher also assumes that if these equipment are provided and the secretaries do not have the competence to manipulate them, their productivity would also be affected.


i.          What type of office equipment does Emenite and Anammco      use in their offices?

ii.         How many of these equipment are modern?

Iii         To what extent has the use of these equipment helped        the secretaries in their jobs?

iv.        What problems do the secretaries encounter in the use         of these office equipment?

v.         What economic advantage does the Emenite and Anammco derive from using these office equipment.


EFFECTIVENESS: The oxford advanced learners dictionary defines effectiveness as having the desired effect, of producing the intended result.

EFFICIENCY: The oxford advanced learners dictionary also defines efficiency as the ability of the people to the work well and without waste of time or resources example, competent and efficient secretary.

EQUIPMENT: The some oxford advanced learners dictionary described equipment as those things needed for particular purpose, example, equipments, are needed in offices for work.

ENHANCEMENT: Oxford advanced learners dictionary also explains enhancement as the way to increase or to improve further quality, value or status of something.

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