A Study Of Effects Of Frustration On Nigerian Secretaries (A Case Study Of Coal Corporation, Enugu)

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This research project tends to scrutinize the effect of frustration on Nigerian Secretaries. This is because Nigerian Coal Corporation Enugu faces some problems like denial of qualified privileges like pay rat and office working facilities.
To test the fact, four hypothesis were drown.
(1) managers as well as workers can cause frustration
(2) Frustration can decline productivity
(3) A frustrated secretary is a corrupt worker
(4) Frustration always lead to aggression.
The hypothesis were tested based on responses from the respondents vide the questionnaire.
Therefore personal recommendations were made like training the secretaries very well, provision of facilities, re-creational activity, paying as and when due and others to avoid frustration.
Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of ContentChapter One
1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Background Of The Study
1.2 Statement Of The Purpose
1.3 Purpose Of The Study
1.4 Scope Of The Study
1.5 Significance Of The Study
1.6 Research Questions
1.7 Hypothesis

Chapter Two
2.1 Literature Review 

2.2 Who Is A Secretary And What Are His Roles
2.3 The Meaning Of Frustration
2.4 Causes Of Frustration
2.5 The Effect Of Frustration
2.6 Summary Of The Chapter

Chapter Three
3.1 Research Design 

3.2 Area Of The Study
3.3 Population Of The Study
3.4 Sample And Sample Procedure
3.5 Instrument For Data Collection
3.6 Validation Of Research Instrument
3.7 Reliability Of Research Instrument
3.8 Method Of Administration Of The Research Instrument
3.9 Methodology Analysis

Chapter Four
4.0 Data Presentation And Analysis 

4.1 Determination Of Sample Questionnaire
4.2 Presentation Of Data
4.3 Analysis Of Data

Chapter Five
5.0 Findings, Implications, Recommendation, Conclusion And Limitations

5.1 Findings
5.2 Implication
5.3 Recommendation
5.4 Conclusion
5.5 Limitation.



Life is an adventure; I wonder how many people loot at it that way. If you take a look at the world around you, you can see worried faces of people in the buses or cars as you go to school or work in the morning. You will probably see also many people that seem quite bad. The reason is nothing but job dissatisfaction.
It will not be an exaggeration to state that the origin of frustration to mankind dates as far back as the Biblical injection of Cain and Abel, since then, cases of frustration have been heard a midst school, families individuals and more especially in the working environment where I am restricting my research to.
Job frustration is like a song on the lips of some Nigerian. For Instance, if you are a worker and you have been working for the past five good months without receiving any salary or payment you will be frustrated.
The history of coal exploitation in Nigeria dates back to 1916 when mining started at the foot of the Udi Hill along Enugu escarpment Coal production from inception maintained an upward trend and reached its peak between 1955 and 1959 when at most one million metric tones of coal was produced annually.
The coal industry gave rise to the first set of industries in Nigeria and provided all the energy requirements for these industries up to the late 1960’s. These include the Nigerian railways, the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (now National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) and the Nigerian Cement Company (Nigerian). Nkalagu.
The leading of coal in the Nigeria’s energy mix started to decline with the discovery of oil in commercial quality in Nigeria in the late 1950’s and was hastered by the Nigerian’s civil war which tool place between 1967 and 1970 during which period all the coal mines in the country were abandoned.
There rapid development of the oil industry in Nigeria and undue Government’s attention’s on the oil sector gradually resulted in a near total reliance on oil for the country’s revenue and energy needs since the late 1960’s and a neglect of the solid fuel coal which is an alternative energy resource.
Even NEPA has consistently maintained a policy of not using coal, depending wholly on gas and fuel oil or dieses for electricity generation. The Ijora Coal fired power station was switched from coal to fuel oil and later gas in the 1970’s while Oji River power coal fired station was shut-down permanently in 1990. This is unlike what obtains in other countries that have most of the energy resources such a crude oil, gas, coal and uranium. In these countries, at least 50% of their electricity is generated form coal. It is hoped that the country will correct this imbalance in its energy mix through the on-going privatization process in the upstream energy sector.
Nigerian coal corporation Enugu is a federal organization that is well known over the year as a coal manufacturing organization. It provided employment for many Nigerians. Despite all these, the workers also experienced frustration. Therefore this research will focus on the effect of frustration on secretaries working in the organization.

Human beings has some ambitions to fulfill in life but where those ambitions are not fulfilled due to some circumstances it become frustration.
Nigeria Coal Corporation Enugu has been facing a lot of problems, such as non-payment of salary to workers which secretaries are. As a result of this some members of the state and outsiders engage themselves on illegal business in the organization like selling the properties of the organization.
This has also lead some workers especially the secretaries to relocate jobs in another organization.
To their Boss and other people around them. And even the once that has no alternative to their problems die in object poverty or hunger.
Finally, all these negative effects lead to the decline of productivity

The purpose of this study is to:
1. Identify the real causes of frustration and its effects on secretaries
2. Ascertain whether the frustration of caused by secretaries of their work environment, or
3. Highlight the problems of frustration and suggest ways to enhance job satisfaction of secretaries in Nigeria.

The study is delimited to a study of effects of frustration on Secretaries in Nigeria Corporation, Enugu.

The essence of this research is just to explore and identify the causes of frustration and how for it affects the secretary in an organization.
It is therefore intended to be a useful companion to the managers whose primary junction among others is to provide the most conducive working atmosphere for their secretaries.
To potential secretaries in this research work is hoped to be valuable source of reference.

(1) What can we do to stop the causes of frustration?
(2) Which way or method is useful to quench frustration in Nigeria Coal Corporation?
(3) The workers that have been affected by this frustration, what strategies are to be to used to bring them back to life in the organization?

For the forgoing, the following hypothesis have be postulated:-
1. Management and works can cause frustration as well.
2. Frustration can decline productivity
3. A frustrated secretary is a corrupt worker.
4. Frustration always leads to aggression.

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