Statistical Analysis Of Students’ Expenditure In Tertiary Institutions A Case Study Of IMT Enugu 2004/2005 Sessions

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Research project topic on Statistical Analysis Of Students’ Expenditure In Tertiary Institutions A Case Study Of IMT Enugu 2004/2005 Sessions


The aims of this project are to describe the various ways in which students spend their money and to advise them on how to spend their money judiciously.

About three hundred and sixty questionnaires were distributed randomly to six schools and one hundred and forty valid returns of questionnaires were gathered.

From the analyses, it was discovered that despite the hard earned income of parents, most students insist on spending their money extravagantly. This is mostly found commonly the female students. According to the data age was identified as one of the major factors which influence the spending habit of students. Students below twenty – five years spend higher than students above twenty-five years. We also noted that students whose parents are wealthy spend much higher than students whose parents are averagely rich.

Finally, students should judiciously spend money only on important items and should avoid ostentations spending.

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Spending is referred to the total expenditure of an individual, government or an organization.

Having said this, government can spend money for projects like building of schools, construction of roads, establishments of electricity, etc and these erupt development in our country. Parents also later for the need of their children and enrich them with huge sums of money as pocket money. Some of the student’s need which propel them to spend could be enumerated thus: school fees, hotel fees, feeding, transport fares, drinks and educational materials, etc.

Taking you years backs, Nigeria had a good economy. Government and parents spent much of their money without any pains. Students and that time used money recklessly because there was a good economy and balanced with monetary value in the market.

From 1980 till now, we have been experiencing our increasing an unexpected inflation of goods

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