The Marketing Of Ginger In Kaduna State, Nigeria

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This study dealt on the economic analysis of ginger (Zirrgiher. qf~cinnle Ii)marketing in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to determine thesituation of the domestic market, and type of intermediaries involved; to ascertain and
determine the channels and marketing margin for ginger, to determine the volume,destination and value of exports and derive policy implications based on the researchfindings.
Purposive sampling method was used to select three local government areas from Southern Kaduna for the study. The local government areas and markets selected were Kagarko, Kachia and Jaba. The reason being that these three local government areas were those with the largest markets for ginger in the state.

Instrunlent of data collection was a well structured and pre-tested questionnaire.The result indicated that 36% of the respondents were between 3 1 and 40 years old while 63.3 percent others were between 41 and 60 years. On marital status, 81.7 percent
were married while 16.7 percent others were single. Most of the respondents (60%) were literate while the remaining 40.0% others had no formal education. The average household size of the respondents was 8.4. Occupational distribution of the respondents showed that 75.0% of the respondents were farmers (producers) while 25.0% others were either traders
and/or civil servants.The market structure of ginger in areas under study was characterised by oligopolistic mode of competition. The reason being the existence of few market organisations to which most potential sellers and buyers were required to belong. The marketing channel for ginger was a network of activities

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