The Role Of Corporate Citizens In National Development

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The concept of the societal marketing known in modem term as corporate social responsibility is relatively, a new marketing philosophy at least in Nigeria and under-developed worlds.

The concept of corporate social responsibility calls for practical support business organization to improve the society.

Corporate social responsibility should direct attention to the performance of such practical and life improving areas of the society these demand specific contributions to education, agriculture, provision of social infrastructure and vitas things that can add value or quality to their customers and the immediate environment.

Interestingly, this marketing philosophy demands the business organizations and marketers to make concrete contributions to the protection and presentation of the physical and human environment especially in the societies in which these organizations operates additionally; it involves the organization in the promotion arts and culture, rural and national development.

Development is another focal variable in this research development means to grow gradually, more advanced or more organized for any society to be developed, it requires heavy investments of resources in capital goods which will lead to productive capacity and growth hence improved standard of living. The theory of economic development center in full employment of both human and physical resources to bring about national development.

Thus, corporate social responsibility can play a vital and trial role in the development of the society hence national development.


From the above background, the Nigeria society and most specifically Enugu State have many areas of development especially in the rural and semi urban areas.

The high rate of inadequate social amenities and infrastructures in the country and Enugu State in particular cannot be overemphasized. High level of unemployment, environmental pollution, a threat to mass human survival and high level of illiteracy is the bane for high level of poverty which result to crime rate and insecurity of the society.

United Nations statistic shows that Nigeria is rated as one of the poorest and highest rate of illiterate people or population in Africa and the world- this is why the federal government in conjunction with in united nation has argued in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to achieve this government cannot do all things along true a clarion call to corporate citizens to join hands with the government.

In view of these identified problems, there is need to research and evaluate the contribution or corporate society responsibility of corporate citizens towards national development.


The broad objective of the study is to examine the role played by corporate citizens in National development.

  1. To explore the importance of corporate social responsibility programmes.
  2. To investigate whether corporate organizations have been involved in social responsibility progammes.
  3. To investigate the approach corporate organization has corporate social responsibility prgrammes.
  4. To explain the reason for failure in the management of corporate social responsibility programmes.
  5. To recommend and more effective ways to successful execution or implementation of corporate social responsibility programmes.


The following research questions have been formulated to enable the research in course of the study.

  1. Do activities of manufacturing, enhancive and many other organizations destroy our environment?
  2. Do these companies carry out and project to the advantage of the society/ community?
  3. Do these companies abandon any project without completion?
  4. Do these companies encounter hindrances in the course of implementing and initiated projects?
  5. Do these projects actually improve the standard of life of the people?


The significance of the study lies in the fact that it will add and enrich the alliteration on corporate social responsibility and expose the underlying importance of this concept. This will bring harmony between the companies and the communities where they operate.

It will also educate as well as remove the expression that business is not only for huge profits making but improvement in the welfare of its workers and host communities including neighborhood communities.

The research also challenged the researches and had added mine knowledge in the subject to the research.

Finally, the government will come up with motivating policies to encourage companies participating in the executive of corporate social responsibility.


The scope of this study courses the activities of selected manufacturing company in Enugu Urban and their corporate social responsibility activities. This, the study will evaluate the corporate social responsibility activity to manufacturing company in Enugu.

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