Gender As Determinant Of Job Related Benefits Inorganisations

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Gender As Determinant Of Job Related Benefits Inorganisations


The study investigated the problem of inequality in job-related benefits between male and female persons in organizations. Three hundred (300) government staff from various organizations in Anambra State, 150 male and 150 female workers with mean=34.79 years and SD = 33.58, served as participants. Nike Air Max 90 CamouflagDame A 10–item questionnaire was developed to measure job-related benefits, four hypotheses were tested. Hypothesis 1 which stated that women get more leave days than men in organisations was confirmed t (299) = 4.75, p<.001. Nike Lunarestoa 2 Essential Hypothesis 2 stated that men get more letters of commendations from the management than women in organizations was also confirmed t (299) = 13.29, p< 001. Nike Air Max 90 JCRD Heren The result t (299) = 9.24, P < .001 supported. Air Max Zero Goedkoop Hypothesis 3 which stated that men get faster promotion than women of equivalent qualification and experience in organizations, hypothesis 4 which stated that men get more on the job training than women of equivalent qualification and experience in organizations t (299) = 9.35, p<001, was not supported rather the opposite was the case that women get more on–the-job training than men in organizations. Nike Free 3.0 V4 Goedkoop The findings showed that there are significant discrimination, on the job training based on gender.



1.0              Introduction/background of the study

1.1              Brief History of the company under study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Onjective of the study

1.4              Hypothesis formulation

1.5              Significance of the study

1.6              Scope of the study

1.7              Definition of terms


2.1              Overview of Export

2.2              Meaning of Export promotion

2.3              The objective of Export promotion in international marketing.

2.4              The need of Nigeria Export promotion council

2.5              The structure of Exportable non-oil products

2.6              The establishment of Nigeria Export promotion council


3.0       Research design and methodology

3.1              Sources of data

3.2              Population of study

3.3              Determination of sample size

3.4              Sampling technique

3.5              Research instrument used

3.6              Method of questionnaire Administration

3.7              Test statistics used.


4.0       Data presentation and analysis and interpretation

4.1              Presentation and interpretation of data

4.2              Test of hypothesis


5.0       Summary of findings, Recommendation and conclusion

5.1              Summary of findings

5.2              Recommendations

5.3              Conclusion.

Gender As Determinant Of Job Related Benefits Inorganisations, PHYSIOLOGY PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS

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