Challenges Of Merger And Acquisition In Nigerian (A Case Study Of Telecommunication Sector)

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Challenges Of Merger And Acquisition In Nigerian (A Case Study Of Telecommunication Sector)


The paper examined the Challenges Of Merger And Acquisition in Nigerian with special reference to  Telecommunication Sector in Nigeria.

The project undertook the general introduction into the research work which led to the review of various literature that relates to the major variables involved in the research work.

To gather data for the analysis of the research, a sample of twenty five (25) staff each from MTN, Visafone, and Airtel were used to source data with the aid of a structured questionnaire. The data were presented on table in percentages.

Two hypotheses were formulated and tested with the use of Chi-Square technique. The analysis resulted into rejecting the null hypotheses and accepting the alternate hypotheses, hence deciding that;

There is a significant change in the operating performance of the acquirer following merger and acquisition deals. And

Merger and Acquisition will improve the contribution of the telecommunication sector to Nigeria GDP.

The result of the analysis was summarized, conclusion was drawn and recommendations were proffered to telecommunication operators and the Nigeria government.


Chapter one


Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Limitation of the study

Chapter two

Review of literature

Chapter three

Research design and methodology

Sources of data

Location of data

Method of investigation

Chapter four


Chapter five

Recommendation and conclusion





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