inventory control and organizational performance. (a study of pz, lagos)

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inventory control and organizational performance. (a study of pz, lagos)


This study is aimed at examining the significance of inventory control and organizational performance, a study of PZ, llupeju, Lagos. The survey research design was used in this research. The researcher made use of structural questionnaire as the research instrument to collect relevant data from 120 respondents on the subject matter of the research out of which a total of 105 questionnaires was retrieved and analyzed using simple percentage. The researcher made use of simple Random Technique as the sampling procedure while the chi-square was used to test the hypothesis raised in this research. Findings in this study reveals that, every profit-driven organization should have a sound, effective and well-coordinated inventory management system because the business environment is rapidly changing, highly competitive and it drastically affects the performance of the organization. It has also been found out in this study that, many organizations fail to take cognizance of effective inventory control management. The researcher has therefore recommended that PZ should take into serious consideration the issue of inventory control management in order to achieve the organizational set goals.


Chapter one


Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Limitation of the study

Chapter two

Review of literature

Chapter three

Research design and methodology

Sources of data

Location of data

Method of investigation

Chapter four


Chapter five

Recommendation and conclusion




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