The Factors That Can Influence The Establishment Of Cooperative In Imo State (A Case Study Of Owerri L.G.A Imo State)

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The Factors That Can Influence The Establishment Of Cooperative In Imo State (A Case Study Of Owerri L.G.A Imo State)


Cooperatives which have been in existence for the past centrally still exist in our conteporaly time today due to certain factors which is the case of study in this project.  But for the umpteenth time people still mistake motives with factors for joining cooperatives.

However the purpose of this project is to find out the factors that can influence the establishment of cooperatives in Owerri L.G.A. An attempt will be made to distinguish  the term mortise from factors that can influence the establishment of cooperatives

The first chapter is going to discuss background of the faction purpose of study significance research questions scope and limitations of the study

The second chapter will emphasis on literature review which is going to  come from books news papers magazines  Journals  etc to serve as an opera   of other works form authors on the same topic with  emphasis on instorical background of cooperatives establishment in Owerri L.G.A Imo  state  etc.

In chapter three emphasis will be laid on research design and methodology source of data which will be gotten from both primary and secondary data as well as instruments used sample size (population) sample procedure and return of complete questionnaire will be talled n.

In chapter four presentation Analysis and interpretation of data will be  focussed on.

Finally chapter five which is the last will present the summary of research finding.  Also conclusions recommendations Appendix and Bibliography will be presented treated.




1.1       Statement of the factors

1.2       Objective of the study

1.3       Significance of the study

1.4       Research questions

1.5       Scope of study

1.6       Limitations of the study


Review of related literature

2.1       Brief history of cooperatives

2.2       Definitions of cooperatives history of cooperative

in owerri L.G.A Imo state.

2.3       History of cooperative in Nigeria

2.4       The factors that influence the establishment

of cooperative in Imo state

2.5       Historical background of cooperatives in Imo state

2.6       Problems of co-operative establishment in the area of study

2.7       Achievements of cooperative in Owerri L.G.A Imo state.

2.8       Achievements of Cooperative In Owerri L.G.A, Imo State


Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Sources of data

3.2       Secondary data

3.3       Primary data

3.4       Instrument used

3.5       Sample size (population)

3.6       Sample procedure

3.7       Return of completed questionnaire


Data presentation analysis and interpretation


Summary of research findings

5.1       Findings

5.2       Conclusion

5.3       Recommendations





In the early centuries cooperative societies have been in existence This is to say that they started even before the creation  of the Earth.  There was cooperation between the holy spirits or trimly  ( that is God the  father God the son and God the holy spirit) which led to the achievement  of the creation of the world. This was as a  result of certain factors.

In addition at the time of  the stone age men and the wonders there was need for  cooperation. This occurred at the  agricultural  sector through it was limited within families. After some time things begins to improved and it came a time when there was communal farming system.  This  occurred because of certain factors and because there is need for it.

Further  more countries began to relate in businesses exchanging   goods  and  services from  one country to another or from one state to among countries. Certain factors gave rise to that because  there is  need for it.  That is to say that nothing achieving can come into  existence without needs for it or without  needs for it or without certain factors which must have led to it indeed these factors leading to cooperation among people states. Countries and the world at large are not for fetch  but are those desires that needs to be satisfied or measured. These factors as put under  this introductory section can be either positive or negative


As indicated earlier the factors that can influence the establishment of cooperatives can either be positive or negative.  These factors as well differs  from state to state country  to country  etc. But the  most  important is the type of cooperative or its members  involved in  its operations.

In recent times a lot of persons and scholars have tried to talk on the factors that can influence the establishment of cooperates.  This is because slot of people   and to their  own understanding has failed to understand what these factors are .  rather they often mistake it for motives.  So to say these worlds are two different things altogether.  At the later side of this project the difference  between factors and motives well be talked on.

However in Owerri L.G.A  Imo state there are a lot of factors that can influence cooperative establishment.  According to Mr L.M. Ejwnye (principal register of cooperatives Imo state) he said that the  factors that influence cooperative establishment in Owerri L.G.A Imo state .

In essence  this factors are those things needs or desires  or even set back that has led to identifications of needs there by organizing together for the purpose of establishment.

Despite these factors that has led to the establishment of cooperatives a lot of these cooperative society still fails and closes up and this occurs as a result of certain factors as well.


This academic exercise is  meant to appraise the feasibility of  the factors that can influence the establishment  of cooperatives and the socio-economic standard of cooperatives  member and its society at large in Owerri L.G.A Imo state.  These factors are as follow;

a.         To know how these factors has helped  cooperatives its members and generally    the public at large.

b.                  To know how these  factors have led to the establishment of cooperatives in Owerri L.G.A.

c.                   To know the number of cooperatives that has failed in Owerri L.G.A.

d.                  To ascertain  the number of cooperatives that are still in existence in Owerri  L.G.A Imo state.

e.                   To ascertain the achievement of  cooperatives in the economy of Owerri L.G.A, Imo state.

f.                   To bring foreword how much cooperatives has helped to reduce unemployment in  Owerri L.G.A, Imo state

g.                  To find on the problems militating against the establishment of cooperatives in Owerri L.G.A, Imo state.


            Cooperatives have done a lot in the development of many countries or nations. In countries like Krael, Denmark, Sweden, India, Britain etc. cooperatives has played   vital role in sectors like manufacturing distributions and even consummation.

At the end of this research many people will find out the importance of cooperatives to human existence.  This involves the above mentioned;

a.                   The government both the federal state and  local government.

b.                  The  society in general

c.                   The cooperative section and

d.                  The general academics


a.                   What are the factors that can influence the establishment of  cooperatives in  Imo state ?

b.                  In what ways can these factors really influence the   establishment of cooperatives in Imo state?

c.                   Are  these f actors negative or positive

d.                  What are those negative factors that can influence the establishment of cooperative in Imo state?

e.                   As a result of these factors, how many cooperatives are viable in  Imo  state

f.                   What are the likely causes that has led to their failure?.

1.5       SCOPE OF STUDY

            The study covers the extent of those factors that can influence the establishment of cooperative society in Imo state .  It went further discussing the importance or objectives of the cooperatives in Imo state.  Also the factors that led leads to their failure.

Further more the study covers an extent of cooperative that are viable and non viable societies in Imo state.

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