The Impact Of Seminars Workshops And Conference In The Promotion Of Co-Operative Societies (A Case Study Of Activities Of Econfed In Promoting Cooperative Societies, Enugu State)

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An investigation into the impact of seminars, workshops and conferences in promotion of co-operative fields workers was carried out by the use of questionnaire and review of existing literature in the field.  A total of sixty (60) respondents were used for the study.  Respondents were randomly drawn from various members of Economic Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFED) and the co-operative division of the ministry of Commerce and industry Enugu State.     The findings shows that the members of Economic Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFED) have not benefited adequately from the use of seminars/ workshops and conference as a veritable tool for co-operative education and training. It was also observed that the morals of existing co-operative members and staff is at rock bottom level due probably to lack of motivation through training analysis be conducted to find out the specific area of training needed and the appropriate approaches to be used to ensure adequately co-operative training to supply the co-operative manpower requirements needed to bring about a rapid development in co-operative promotion and co-operative performance in Economic Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFED) and Enugu State at large.



1.0    Introduction                                                     

1.1    Background of the Study

1.2    Statement of the Problem

1.3    Objective of the Study

1.4    Research Questions

1.5    Research Hypothesis

1.6    Significant of the Study

1.7    Delimitation of Study

1.8    Definition of the Term


2.0 Literature Review

2.1  The importance of Manpower Training for Co-operative Development

2.2  Obstacles to Co-operative Manpower Development

2.3   The Aims and Objectives of Seminars, Workshops  and Conferences in the Promotion of Co-operative Societies

2.4     The Method and Means of Co-operative Enlightenment

and Performance

2.5  Techniques/ approaches to Co-operative Manpower





3.0    Research Design and Methodology                                 31

3.1    Research Design                                                  31

3.2    Area of Study                                                             31

3.3    Population of the Study

3.4    Sample Size Determination

3.5    Sources of Data Collection

3.6    Method of Data Collection

3.7    Administration of Instrument

3.8    Method of Data Analysis

3.9    Test of Hypothesis


4.0    Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

4.1    Presentation of Data

4.2    Analysis of Data

4.3    Interpretation of Data


5.0    Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1    Summary of Findings

5.2    Conclusion

5.3    Recommendations





1.1       Background of the study

The main topic of this research project is based on the impact of seminars, workshops and conferences in the enhancing the performance and promotion of co-operative societies in Enugu State through Enugu State Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFED).

Historical Background

Co-operative and co-operative Education is a form of business or organization where persons of similar social economic background put their resource together to establish a business on self-help basis in which member benefits from the business in their capacity as either member customer or member employee of that co-operative business.

Education is the systematic training of people through formal or informal means, seminars, workshops and conferences etc, aimed at bringing about change in behavior of the recipient. It enables the recipient to acquire knowledge skills and abilities that is often exhibited through performance of tasks.  According to the new Websters/ dictionary of English language (1995:298) education is instruction or training by which people (generally young) learn to develop use their mental, moral and physical powers.

In the words of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (1989:385) education is a system of training and instrument designed to give knowledge and develop skills, knowledge abilities and development of character and mental power that result from a training intellectual, physical etc. From the foregoing, one can conclude that education has to do with advancement of knowledge, skills, acquisitions and intellectual advancement generally.  The over-all effort of education is change.  Co-operative seminar, workshops and conferences is therefore concerned with the systematic training and instruction of people on the aims, objectives, merits, and benefits of co-operative business so as to create in them ability to appreciation the role of co-operative business in improving the socio-economic background of the members, the community and nation at large.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

It is obvious that illiteracy and poor leadership impediment, against the co-operative movement.  Co-operative can only be successful in the hand of those who know its sound ideas and principles.

It is of common knowledge, that most of the co-operative members have not been sufficient exposed to adequate training in terms of seminars, workshops, and conferences. Lack of co-operative training has been the greatest hindrance in the development of Enugu State Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFEDO) in general.  Co-operative seminars, workshop and conference is all about the knowledge of the characteristics features of a co-operative organization. It deals with structural and functional characteristics and practice of co-operative as a socio-economic organization and how to acquire the membership of the co-operative movement of their individual and collective responsibility. In relationship to the above situation, co-operative cannot be expected to achieve the level of business profitability that would keep movement on path of sustainable growth and development.  This study is therefore to assess the impact of seminars, workshops and conferences in enhancing the performance of cooperative field workers in Enugu State Co-operative Federation Limited (ECOFED).

1.3       Objective of the Study

The basic objective of this study is to determine the over all impact of the co-operative training program like seminars, workshop and conferences in enhancing the performance of co-operative field workers in Enugu state, Co-operative Federation (ECOFED).

Therefore, the objectives of this study include the following:

1.   To determine the vital role played by co-operative seminars, workshops and conferences in enhancing the performances of co-operative field workers in Enugu State co-operative Federation (ECOFED).

2.   To determine the adequacy or otherwise the institution encouragement e.g funding, government policy, support etc, made for co-operative seminars, workshops and conferences.

3.   To understand the reaction of the existing co-operative society concerning co-operative seminar, workshop and conference in Enugu State Co-operative Federation (ECOFED).

4.   TO establish ascertain whether there are gaps in the course offered during the seminar workshops and conference in enhancing the performance of co-operative federation.

1.4       Research Questions

This study is built around the following questions:

i.             How far has Enugu state co-operative Federation (ECOFED) utilized co-operative seminars, workshops and conferences in enhancing the performance of cooperative field workers?

ii.            Whether the right caliber of staff and facilities needed for effective co-operative training program were used?

iii.          What impact does the training have on co-operative organization in the area?

iv.          Are there institutional arguments for participants of these seminars, workshops and conference for the purpose of critical evaluation?

v.           What specific subject area are training program?

1.5       Research Hypotheses

Subsequent to the aforementioned objectives and research questions, the following hypotheses have been formulated and shall be subjected to empirical tests.  The hypothesis are presented in both null and alternative hypotheses.

1.   Ho:    Seminars, workshop and conferences has no

         impact in the promotion of co-operative


H1:    Seminars, workshop and conferences has impact

        in the promotion of co-operative societies.

2.   Ho:    Seminar, Workshop and Conferences do not

Promote Cooperative societies.

Hi:     Seminar, workshop and conferences promote

cooperative societies.

3.   Ho: Seminars, Workshops and Conferences are not

Effective tools in Promoting Cooperative Societies.

H1Seminars, Workshops and Conferences are

     Effective tools in promoting cooperative societies.

4.   Ho: Seminar, workshops and conference do not have

      any significant in the promotion of cooperative

societies in Enugu State.

H1Seminar, workshops and conference have any

      significant in the promotion of cooperative

societies in Enugu State.

5.   Ho:  Seminars, workshops and conferences not

       Enough tools in promoting the activities of

cooperative society by ECOFED.

Hi:    Seminars, workshops conference are enough

tools in   promoting the activities of cooperative societies.

1.6    Significance of the Study

The study will assist in the establishment of future directions for providing co-operative training program like seminars, workshops and conferences in enhancing the performance of co-operative field workers in Enugu State Co-operative Federation (ECOFED). It will also assist policy makers to identify areas of operation between the co-operative movement, the government and co-operative training programs.

Finally, it is designed to improve the quality of manpower available for co-operative development and performance in Enugu State Co-operative Federation (ECOFED) and the state at large.

1.8    Definition of Terms

1.   Seminar: A meeting for discussion and practical work on a particular subject, in which a group of people share their knowledge and experience.

2.   Conference: (A) A meeting at which people make formal discussion and interact on ideas (B) a large official meeting usually lasting for few days at which people with the same work or interest come together to discussion their views.

3.   Performance: The ability of person to do or execute an action play.

4.   Enhancement: To increase or add to the value of somebody something.

5.   Co-operative: An autonomous association of person united voluntary to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

6.   Field Workers: Are the people agents, sent by co-operative society to the communities to teach the people about co-operatives and it benefits

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