Design And Construction Of Ocean Surface And Subsurface Current Simulator

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Energy is an important factor in our everyday life and with the steady gradual increase in the consumption of in electric energy there is need in understanding the sea and its properties, the ocean produces a vast amount of energy that if tapped into can produce unlimited power.

There is a flaw, the ocean has and unstable property of constantly changing itself and its surrounding which makes it challenging to harness this energy to its fullest potential, Therefore studying the ocean is the first step to this energy production and sometimes it costs lots of money moving a vessel deep in the sea for exploration and study.

What if there was a way, to produce the ocean’s surface and subsurface current right in the laboratory, study its properties and also determine the effects of the rising of falling of the tides on the ocean itself.

The design simulate current, tides and subsurface forces and its effects.

It can also be used to simulate and test new vessel design for strength and its properties in respect to the harsh environment it would face when fully designed, so and alteration that needs to be mad can be noticed at the preliminary stages before the full construction and failure is avoided.

Oceanography is also another application in the study of the ocean itself and better understanding the environment.

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