The role of social welfare services on broken homes a case study of oredo local government area of edo state.

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This study was carried out in order to find out the role of social welfare services on broken homes in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state. The idea of this investigation is to expose the form of social welfare services in the Local Government, the utilization of the available services and the awareness of the people on the available social welfare service in the Local Government. A total of one hundred (100) staffs made up of 50 Junior and 50 senior staffs in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State were used for the study. Questionnaires was the instrument used to collect data, the research instrument used for collecting the data were subjected to both reliability and validity test before it was administered to the staffs From the anaylsis it was discovered that:

  1. The utilization of the service is on the average, lack of awareness and ignorance on the part of some people limit the maximum use of the social welfare service.

  2. Facilities of the social welfare service were not adequate

  3. Lack of love and impatient on the part of couples are major source of broken home




Statement of problem

Significant of the study

Scope of the study



Definitions of terms


Definition of social welfare service

Purpose of social welfare service

Social welfare administration and utilization

Since independence

Causes of broken homes

Family background

Problems of social welfare service



Research design


Sample and samplings techniques

Instrument for the data collection

Validity of the instrument

Reliability of the instrument

Administration of the instrument

Method of Analysis


Data analysis

Testing the hypothesis

Discussion and findings








Social welfare service are wide and they include a variety of public and voluntary services such as education, health, community development, social insurance, housing and other services directed to the disadvantaged group i.e. the neglected, the dependent children, the physical hand capped, the deprived for reasons of politics religious practices like those that tend confine women to an everlasting life of privacy, those who due to the restriction placed on their ways and are denied the opportunity of getting educated and thereby growing up into adult literates and financially need.

According to Pius (2002): Social welfare services are required for the improvement in the society effort to attain the objectives of higher levels of social justices, social security, freedom and better quality of life as right of each individual social welfare services could therefore be define as the services designed to improved a lot of individual family ,groups and local communities to enable them cope effectively with the social problems affecting the constantly or rapidly changing society .the above definition was published by the ministry of home affairs and information in 1971.

Social welfare services were popularized by the British (colonial masters) immediately after the Second World War they could not finance any developmental projects where there was global economic recession vary longer.

According to Darie (2008): stated that in many loses, the causes of broken home are linked to unnecessary family interference, the set of children (female or male) mostly were male children are particularly preferred because of emphasis on succession. Where female children dominate in marriage, less attention are given to those children are sending them to school or paying of school fees and provision of material or school requirement are problem.

According to Paul (2006) says that another factors that can lead to broken home is polygamy where the man marries more than one which lead to having many children. The first wife to be neglected due to unhealthy rivary from other women and lack of love from their spouse ,pack out of such homes undermining the consequences on their children.

In broken homes, children hardly related well with their parents, this can affect them emotionally and psychologically. Broken homes or pre-mature separation if allowed to persist for a long time it can lead girls to grow up anxious and neurotic, while boys can be bullies and delinquent. This is why social welfare services are needed so as to ease family relations problems and such family problem like broken home.


In the society today, issue of broken homes have becomes controversial and this constitute a social problem. My strong emphasis is on Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

Majority of the people are mainly illiterates, this situation constitute a problem that harbor some element of superstitions. Some men believe that once their wives or wife cannot give birth to male child, the next thing is to look for another wife not knowing that the fact is the male that determines the sex of a child and not the female.

Also in a family where we have polygamy in operation, the husband tend to show more love to one wife not minding what the reaction of the other wife or wives would be, this action brings separation among family and can cause broken home.

Some people are suspicious of the services rendered by the social welfare agents and they see no reason why such people should interfere in their family problems.

Some are not willing to co-operate at all because they felt that social welfare services are a mere waste ones time.

In course of this study we shall consider the role of social welfare services on broken homes.


Broken home is a major problem in our society today as it has a lot of effect on the child and his general achievement in life. The home is the bedrock of the child’s socialization processes. A child starts to learn about life as soon as he comes into this world.

As a social animal the child does not learn in a vacuum but rather he actively learn in a society of human beings who influence his progress. Such society embodies the home, which the family belongs and the school.

It is therefore the purpose of this study to investigate the role of social welfare service on broken homes.


Based on the problems raised above and the purpose generated, the following research questions were raised.

  1. What are the problems facing provision of welfare services in the Nigerian homes?

  2. How do the welfare services help in the reformation, and reintegration of marriage in the society?

  3. What are the levels of welfare services available in Oredo Local Government Area?

  4. Do social welfare service help to reduce the rate of broken homes in our society?


This study was conducted to educate the people on the roles of social welfare services on broken home

In Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State little has been done on the role social welfare services on broken homes, it is important therefore that more of such studies be carried out, this will enable the people to see how broken homes can be restored back.


This Study is limited to one (100) staff made up of 50 junior and 50 senior staff in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


  1. Social welfare: This is defined as an act of attention directed to training, education, up keeping and enlightening of the men and women that is, human resources on whom the continuous development of any country depend.

  2. Service: It can be defined as the purposively designed activities rendered to specific group, target population or individual to improve or develop their skill attitude and knowledge not only their work but also in their daily living.

  3. Social welfare service: These can be defined as the services rendered to individuals families groups and communities to enable them to cope effectively in work daily living and with social problems in their changing societies.

  4. Home background: This is the family scene and circumstances from which an individual relates with and function in relation to the higher society

  5. Polygamy: It is a system of having more than one wife or husband at a time.

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