Investigation Into The Causes Of Truancy Among Students In Secondary School

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The purpose of this project is to deal with the problem of truancy with particular reference to influence of peer group, inadequate school materials, poor feeding at home, poor meth0od of teaching, too much work in the morning at home before coming to the school etc. in Ikpoba Okha Secondary School Students, Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area in Edo State of Nigeria. In this project, I have tried to find out the cause of the above problem in this particular school. This project and deals with what other authors said are the possible causes and solutions to the problems. To get the actual causes of this problem, oral interviews were conducted for various groups of people in the school and the community. Some causes of the problem of the study were identified; solutions and recommendation which the reader shall come across were highlighted. If the community and the government jointly implement the recommendations given, future occurrence of similar problems in Ikpoba Okha Secondary School Students can be averted.


Chapter One 

Background to the study

Statement of the problems

Purpose of the study

Significant of the study

Research questions

Scope of the study



Definition of terms

Chapter Two            

Review of related literature


The function of the parents

Bullying on the student

Uninteresting lesson

The role of the teacher

Chapter Three


Research design

Population for the study

Sample and sampling techniques



Method of data collection

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Data analysis, presentation and discussion of results

Chapter Five            

Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations










The origin of truancy among secondary school students situated at Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State. The schools in Ikpoba Okha are divided it names from the clan of origin in the early state, the population of the school were few but now they are vast. Today, among the students of the schools there was many truants and deviant behaviour has greatly hindered the progress of the schools generally. I have taken it up as a responsibility to find out the causes of the truancy and the way to stop the evil. This long essay on the causes of truancy is intended to take a critical look into one or the major rules that influence students to the truancy in secondary schools. Some of the truants students will go with their fellow students to indulge in watch video in their own resident.

Justice R. A. L. Ogbobin, said that broken homes are assess to truancy. Truancy is a great danger in a discipline school possibly the whole students in the school to delinquent. This is true because students initiative and don’t at the moment realized the consequences of their delinquency. The measuring of the truancy in the secondary school students, I shall be taking a random sample of the truants find out from that the cause of truancy from their homes, schools and the society they live. It is against this research in the solution of the above measure of truancy and not far fetch. The teacher should advice the parents of the students to provide the students with adequate or requisite school materials and also let parents know the problem if causes failing to do so, teacher should not bully on the students, because hinder the students backwardness. A student should be corrected by the teacher. The government should go further to make law to punish those couples whose home are broken leaving the children to play truancy.

It is against this background that this research work is structured to examine the factors and consequences (effects) of truancy on students of origin and destination which will be vividly focused on Benin City. I shall finally suggest suitable measures that should help to reduce the evil.


Over a long period of time the problem of truancy among students in secondary school a drift has been a serious one which generated a matter of concerns among scholars. This problems of truancy has militated against the goals and objectives setup by the parents and our educational policy makers for the education. the daily reduction of this students due to truancy in a school also creates a high rate of absenteeism this leads to the poor result of the students truancy can mislead some students to different kinds of crime of the following:

a.                  Stealing

b.                  Fighting

c.                  Understanding type of activities that are worthless

d.                  Using and bullying on people

In this research, my mere writing can not put a stop to the problem of truancy; but can do so by suggesting way to be carried out by the government and education authorities. A student may be naturally gifted if he becomes a delinquent in the school, he can not develop his innate potentialities to the fullest. Truancy is a common in the life of the students themselves their parents and in turn development of a nation.


The purpose of the study include as follows:

i.                    To examine the causes of truancy in secondary school students.

ii.                 To know the purpose why students exposed (indulge) to truancy.

iii.               To investigate the leading factor to truancy among students.

iv.               To put forward some recommendations on the effects of truancy in the life of the students.


The study of the causes of truancy in the society is advantageous. As the evil can easily spread as wildfire, it should be stopped to avoid many students falling into it as victims. If the evil in our school and other similar sources, the students will have the assess to perform well in school activities. Any where the clever ones have the chance to go higher. Students are exposed to the pleasure of good loves of school environment where by they interacts for the development of their society. facing the solution of these crimes like lateness to school, serving as a bus conductor during school hours, hunting birds in the bush at the time they are supported to be in school, wikll be drastically there reduced.

Finally, this study and research finding will also be significant in such a way that it will serve as a pointer to other research who may be interested in the study.


a.                  What are the factors responsible for truancy in secondary school students?

b.                  What are the effects of truancy in the life of t he students in secondary schools

c.                  Why do the students so easily get involved in truancy?


The focus and the coverage of this research work is on Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State. The choice of the area is based on that fact that the area is the researchers place of on central origin and that the research is very conversant with the area. There is no doubt because the study will give a relative and reliable picture of this situation in other similar areas of Edo State.


This research is designed to entertain many main and sub problems. According to P. O. Adeyomo assume that the following causes of truancy are common in the society which are:

a.                  keeping in a bad company

b.                  Uninteresting lesson of the teacher

c.                  Teacher as a truant

d.                  Lack of school materials

e.                  Failures to comply with school requirements

f.                   The students keeping awake near by all the right and does not get up early enough to prepare for school.

g.                  Laziness on the part of school students.

Although this study is restricted to the teachers and students. Because the investigator is interested in the factors in the school.


Truancy – This could be defined as the practice by which the students leave home for school but do not reach their destination rather they stay mid way between home and school when school close. They return carry their boxes or bags and go home in accompany of their mates in the pretence that they have close or returned from school.

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