Why Confidence Is Important For Attracting Women

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Why Confidence Is Important For Attracting Women

Confidence is not something you see, it’s something you feel.

In every person’s life, there will always be a yearning for some form of identity. We, as human beings, will always want to belong to something in order to fulfill our instinctive aspirations of ‘finding who we are’. Whether you find your identity as a CEO, or a member of an exclusive club, it is human nature to want to belong to something. Without this identity, you will feel like you are constantly searching for something. When you find your identity, confidence will follow.

As a male it is traditionally seen as your responsibility to be able to protect yourself and others, and realistically, only confident people can fill this role. Women like to know that they are protected, and as a result, are referred to men who can facilitate these needs.

First impressions definitely matter.

When you approach a woman, what you say say is important. The one thing more important than what you say is how you say it. As soon as you begin talking to a woman, or anyone for that matter, they will subconsciously begin to judge you. It’s how we are naturally programmed. Before you even have a chance to think about it, said woman has already drawn her first judgments upon meeting you.

If you mumble, then you are going to come across as lacking in confidence. If you sound nervous, she will think you are an anxious person. Take these things into account when considering how you want yourself to be perceived and it will make being confident a lot easier. If you speak clearly, and with purpose, you will find that people’s perceptions of you change, which will very well result in you being more confident.

Body language.

Your body language can often say more about you than what you say verbally. Next time you are in a social situation, think about the things listed below and try to analyze your own body language. After this, you will be able to notice signs that give any sense of nervousness, and furthermore, you will be able to change this so as to improve people’s perceptions of you, and your confidence as a whole.

If you are constantly surveying what is going on around you and not paying attention to your company, it shows that you are uncomfortable.
Make eye contact. Nervous people tend to look away from the people they are talking to, so by doing the exact opposite and maintaining that contact, it further emphasizes your confidence.
You would be surprised by the amount of people who speed up how fast they talk when they are anxious. Talk at a moderate pace instead and you will find yourself more at ease.
The importance of confidence when trying to attract women is one of the most significant aspects of approaching women. People can only perceive you as yourself yourself, so have a confident mentality and women will find your confidence attractive.

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