The Impact Of ICT On Advertising Practice In Nigeria: An Evaluation Of Globacom Products

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This Research Work is on

The Impact Of ICT On Advertising Practice In Nigeria: An Evaluation Of Globacom Products


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background to the Study

Advertising as a concept, can be defined as a form of communication through the media about product, services, ideas, personalities or organizations, paid for by an identified sponsor Alide in Okunna (2002: 99).

Bovee and Arens (1985) gave a more widely accepted definition of advertising as the non-personal communication of information, usually paid for any usually persuasive in nature about products (goods and services) or ideas by an identified sponsor through various media. It is an exciting, dynamic, and challenging enterprise.

Its often a persuasive communication in that it tries to persuade the reader, the listener or the viewer to take to the sponsor’s own point of view and also to take some appropriate action. It is not personal or face to face communication, rather it is directed to a group of people.

Advertising is also controlled, identifiable information and persuasion by means of mass communication media. Defined by Wrignt and Zeight (1982:10). Gillran Dyer says that in its simplest sense, the word “advertising” means drawing attention to something or notifying or informing somebody of something.

According to the understanding of advertising practitioners council of Nigeria (APCON) “advertising is a form of communication through the media about products, services or ideas, paid for by an identified sponsor”.

The terms advertising was coined from the Latin word “advertere” which mean literally means to draw attention. This is when you are getting the evidence mind in a product, notifying or informing somebody/people of something.

Some of the Popular Advertising Media





ICT (GSM, Social Media, blog, website, youtube, digital banner) e.t.c

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Lack of trust, absent of physical interaction and fair of being deceived and duped have been attributed to some of the challenges facing internet or information and communication technology all over the world especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular because it is relatively new to them.

To this end, the research seek to determine the influence of information and communication technology which encompasses mobile phone, internet, world wide web (www), social networking, blogs, youtube and many more on advertisement practice in Nigeria with an evaluation of Globacom products and services.

1.3 Research Questions

i. Does Globacom use ICT in advertising its products and services?

ii. To what extent does ICT have an impact on advertisement of Globacom products?

iii Of what benefit is ICT to advertisement of Globacom products?

iv. Get other 4 research questions after purchase…..

1.4 Objectives of the Study

i. To know whether Globacom uses ICT in advertising its products and services.

ii. To examine whether ICT have an impact on advertisement of Globacom products.

iii To show the benefits of ICT in advertisement of Globacom products.

iv. Get other 4 objectives of the research after purchase…..

1.5 Scope of the Study

The research has through the topic “The Impact of ICT on Advertisement Practice in Nigeria: An Evaluation of Globacom Products” narrowed the scope of the study to one of the telecommunication giants in Nigeria Globacom Limited (GLO) because to study all telecommunication industry in Nigeria will be too difficult compared with the time and finance available for this research.

While meaning of advertising, functions of advertising, importance of advertising, advertising media, social media and many more.

1.6 Significance of the Study

The research is significant because it will be beneficial to business firm, school, government, individuals and researchers.

Company: Difference companies will find this research very interesting as it will keep them aware on the benefit of using ICT when it comes into making there products and services known to the work and how cheap it always be to use.

Researchers: People that will be carrying out research in relation to this will find the materials useful as it will provide them a clue to their own research.

Academic: It will form part of academic materials that students, lecturers, researchers, company can turn to when looking for solution to advertising on ICT, social media, GSM and other related aspect.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

There are many limitations ranging form not knowing where to start, not knowing who to consult or approach for materials not knowing what next to write in various segment of this study and not actually knowing who to put me through in achieving my work and others are:

  1. Stress from other academic activities is one of the limitations to the research work

  2. Financial constraint to travel to different places.

  3. Duration for the research work is relatively short

  4. Materials that are available on this topic is relatively small as the concept is new or people are not written from that angle.

1.8 Definition of the Terms

Impact: This means the contribution or influence of something on another such as influence of ICT on advert

ICT: It means Information and Communication Technology

Advertisement: This is a paid form of promotional message shared through media that are usually non-personal media for the purpose of persuading and influencing people to buy a product or service.

Globacom: It is the shot form of Globa Communication Limited.


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