The Effect Of Unemployment Among Nigerian Youths Undergraduate (A Case Study Of Escet)

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The progress of every nation is determined by the level of its labour forces, in light this research a very crucial issue like unemployment requires a great attention. This research was conducted in Enugu State College of Education Technical the hub of Nigeria coal industry and one of the major cities in Nigeria. This research work will focus on youths of Enugu State in particular. The effect of unemployment among the youths concerns the effect causes, damage and possible outcome which unemployment has impacted on our society today. In trying to alleviate this problems in this areas, under review will be examined. Information for this research work will be obtained through distribution of questionnaires, oral interviews and use of research questions. Other information’s will be collected from newspapers, journals, textbooks and internet.
At the end of this research there will be a discussion of findings, summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations.
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Table Of Content
List Of TableChapter One
1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Background Of The Study Area
1.2 Statement Of Problem
1.3 Purpose Of The Study
1.4 Significance Of The Study
1.5 Scope Of The Study
1.6 Research QuestionsChapter Two
2.0 Literature Review 

2.1 Unemployment Is A Hazard Of An Industrialized Economic System
2.2 Definition And Meaning Of Unemployment
2.3 Nigerian Labour And Explanation Of Unemployment Labour Market
2.4 Unemployment Concepts And Issues
2.5 The Nigeria Experience Of Unemployment
2.6 Impact And Cost Of Unemployment
2.7 Evaluation Of Past Policy Measure For Solving Unemployment Problems
2.8 Factors Influencing Unemployment In Nigeria
2.9 Strategies For Solving Unemployment In Our Society

Chapter Three
3.1 Research Method Of Designs 

3.2 Source Of Data
3.3 Location Of Study
3.4 Method Of Date Collection
3.5 Population Of The Study
3.6 Sample Size And Sample Technique
3.7 Instrument Of Data Collection
3.8 Validity Of Instrument
3.9 Reliability Of The Instrument

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation And Analysis Of Data References

Chapter Five
5.0 Discussion Of Findings 

5.1 Summary Of Finding Conclusion
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation


Background of the Study

Unemployment can be defined as a situation in which person’s capable and willing to work are unable to find suitable paid employment. It’s also a situation where the unemployed persons are willing and able to work but the job is out of reach or he cannot get the job source?
Unemployment is a universal phenomenon which has transverse every length and breath of the world. Nigerian experience is not an exception, her own situation now assumed an alarming proportion. To a responsive and focused government, the deteriorating unemployment situation in Nigeria should be a source of worry, with the attendant social dislocation exemplified by high crime rate and restiveness assailing the country. Nigeria against the prediction of its economic team has had more than a fair share of the meltdown burden. In Nigeria today, more and more factories have found better options in West African coast, thus leaving Nigeria to establish business in Ghana, Togo and other relatively smaller countries.
It is against this background that both the Nigerian government and the international labour organization (ILO) jointly organized the first National Employment Summit under the theme, “Meeting the Employment Challenges of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis in Nigeria Date of Summit. During the summit the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) president, Abdulwahed Omar, described the free market economy as monumental failure especially in the face of the on-going global economic recession.
The minister of labour and productivity Adetokunbo Kayodo (SAN) pointed a worrying picture of the global crunch to the already worsening unemployment situations in Nigeria. He said that the credit crunch has lead to many Nigerians abroad returning home to make matters worst as they are now returning to compound the congested unemployment population.
Unemployment in Nigeria is concentrated among the youths especially graduates and young school leavers between the age of 18 – 35 years.

Englama (2001) stated that unemployment causes misery social unrest and hopelessness, problem of armed robbery and other social vices. Also a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) (year) on youths unrest shown that the major cause of indulging in indiscriminate and unprescribe use of drugs is unemployment. Unemployment can lead to all kinds of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria to mention but a few which the youths of Enugu State are suffering today.

1.2. Statement of Problem
Looking back at the past decades or so one factor that has been identified by the government and private sector as a hindrance to economic growth is unemployment. The rate at which unemployment is growing among the youths of Enugu State needs to be addressed. Consequently the policy maker’s originated National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to create mass employment but in spite of all this effort unemployment have continued to affect the people of Enugu State.
This study is therefore geared towards identifying these factors that affects unemployment and suggest ways of solving this problems.

1.3 Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of unemployment on our youths today in Enugu State. Specifically it is —
1) Apply strategies or to set strategies to help manage unemployment rate among the youth in the Enugu State College of Education.
2) To suggest other measures to manage and curb unemployment, as well as recommend ways to educate graduates to be self employed.
3) To advice policy makers and field administrators on the best way of curbing unemployment.
4) Advising the youths to be self employed.

1.4 Significance of the Study 
The findings of this research will contribute significantly to: –
Advising our youths to adopt strategies to reduce unemployment in the metropolis.
Providing suggestions to reduce unemployment among youths
Providing basic information on how to curb unemployment in Enugu State.
It will be useful to government for it’s planning and consultants involved in Entrepreneurs development Budget planning.

1.5 Scope and Limitation of the Study
The scope of this research is concentrate on the effect of unemployment among the youths in Enugu State College of Education Technical. The task of conducting this research is a difficult one.
This study was carried out under a number of limitations such as time and finance.

1.6. Research Questions
To guide this project work, the following questions were administered to unfold a number of contending issues that bothers on the subject matter: – Effects of unemployment among the youths in Enugu State College of Education Technical.
1) What factors are responsible for high rate of unemployment in Enugu State College of education technical
2) To what extent does unemployment affect the youths in Enugu State College of Education
3) Is the high increase in crime in Enugu State as a result of unemployment?
4) What measures can be adopted to evaluate unemployment.

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