Prescription Pattern Of Psychotropic Drugs In Two Tertiary Health Facilities In Anambra State, South – Eastern Nigeria

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Prescription Pattern Of Psychotropic Drugs In Two Tertiary Health Facilities In Anambra State, South – Eastern Nigeria


In patient care, the evaluation of drug use and patient care practice is very essential. It measures the quality of care provided to the patients by health practitioners. Data generated from this study is very essential in healthcare management and planning.
To compare the pattern of prescription of psychotropic drugs in two health facilities in Anambra state, south-eastern Nigeria using WHO/INRUD developed indicators in order to promote the rational prescribing of drugs.
The study was conducted at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi and State Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Nawfia both in Anambra state. A total of 300 prescriptions in each of the hospitals were selected by random sampling. Data collected was analyzed based on the WHO guideline for assessment of drug use in healthy facilities.
The average number of drugs prescribed per encounter was 2 in NAUTH and 3 in NAWFIA; Injections were prescribed in 8.3% and 11.4% of encounters in NAUTH and NAWFIA respectively. 92.6% of drugs were prescribed by generic name in NAUTH while in NAWFIA it was 11.4%. The average cost and duration in NAUTH was ₦878 for 21days while in NAWFIA it was ₦1004 for 18 days. Percentage of drugs from the essential drug list was 45% in NAUTH and 61.9% in NAWFIA.
The results obtained were encouraging however some of the prescribing indicators assessed were found to be below standard in both hospitals and need to be improved upon. Prescribing at NAWFIA gave a greater picture of poly – pharmacy than at NAUTH. The overall picture of drug use suggests that the indicators at this facility are not yet at the optimal level.


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Table of content


Chapter 1


1:1 Introduction

1:2 Background of the Study

1:3 Statements of Problems

1:4 Objectives of the Study

1:5 Research Question

1:6 Study of the Hypothesis

1:7 Significance of the Study

1:8 Justification of the Study

1:9 Scope of the Study

1:10 Definition of Terms


Chapter 2

Literature Review

2:0 Introduction

2:1 Conceptual Clarification

2:2 Theoretical Framework

2:3 Literatures on the Subject Matter


Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3:0 Area of Study

3:1 Source of Data

3:2 Sampling Techniques

3:3 Method Data Collection

3:4 Method of Data Analysis

3:5 Reliability of Instrument

3:6 Validity of Instrument

3:7 Limitations of the Study


Chapter 4

Data Analysis

4:0 Introduction

4:1 Finding of the Study

4:2 Discussion of the Study

4:3 Summary


Chapter 5

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5:0 Summary of Findings

5:1 Conclusion

5:2 Recommendations

5:3 Proposal for Further Studies


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