Assessment Of Paediatric X-Ray Examination Practices In Two Tertiary Health Institutions In Enugu Metropolis

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Assessment Of Paediatric X-Ray Examination Practices In Two Tertiary Health Institutions In Enugu Metropolis


Justification and optimization are the key principles in the protection of patients exposed to ionization radiation from diagnostic purposes. This is more important in the imaging of children because they are more susceptible to the effect of ionizing radiation and they have longer life expectancy compared to adults. As a result of this, there is also recent requirement for diagnostic radiology department to demonstrate compliance with these principles. A study was carried out to assess and compare the paediatric x-ray examination practices in two tertiary institutions in Enugu metropolis, UNTH and NOHE, with the aim of determining the frequency of paediatric x-ray examinations, quality of radiographic techniques and image quality, practice of image quality criteria and feedback to staff, and causes of film reject, The departmental registers were used to determine the frequency of common paediatric x-ray examinations. Retrospectively, 40 radiographs were collected from the medical records of the two radiological departments studied, to determine the quality of radiographic techniques and image quality, while 34 rejected radiographs were collected over a period of 3 weeks at UNTH to determine the causes of film rejects in this department. Some radiographers were interviewed to ascertain the practice of image quality audit. All the radiographs collected were assessed by a radiographer from each department. The data was analyzed and the result showed that the paediatric x-ray examination request patterns are not the same in the two departments studied. While UNTH has high number of chest request which accounts 62.1%, with higher percentage of males (57.7%) under the age groups of 0-5 years, NOHE has extremities as the most common requested x-ray examination which accounts 71.2%, with higher percentage of females (50.5%) but higher percentage of males are under the age group of 0-5 years (41.4%). In both departments, more than half of films of the film assessed satisfied most of the European image criteria; 69.3% at UNTH displayed excellent radiographic techniques, and 65.7% at NOHE. The image quality audit and feedback to staff is not fully practiced. Also, the common cause of film reject at UNTH is “underexposure” which accounts 52.94% of the rejected radiographs. The result of the hypotheses stated showed that examination type/projection requested affects poor radiographic techniques and image quality in each department and there is a significant difference in some radiographic techniques between UNTH and NOHE. With all these findings, there is need for self-audit and re-evaluation of procedures where necessary in both departments studied.

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Table of content


Chapter 1


1:1 Introduction

1:2 Background of the Study

1:3 Statements of Problems

1:4 Objectives of the Study

1:5 Research Question

1:6 Study of the Hypothesis

1:7 Significance of the Study

1:8 Justification of the Study

1:9 Scope of the Study

1:10 Definition of Terms


Chapter 2

Literature Review

2:0 Introduction

2:1 Conceptual Clarification

2:2 Theoretical Framework

2:3 Literatures on the Subject Matter


Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3:0 Area of Study

3:1 Source of Data

3:2 Sampling Techniques

3:3 Method Data Collection

3:4 Method of Data Analysis

3:5 Reliability of Instrument

3:6 Validity of Instrument

3:7 Limitations of the Study


Chapter 4

Data Analysis

4:0 Introduction

4:1 Finding of the Study

4:2 Discussion of the Study

4:3 Summary


Chapter 5

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5:0 Summary of Findings

5:1 Conclusion

5:2 Recommendations

5:3 Proposal for Further Studies


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