The Impact Of Different Methods Of Depreciation On The Profitability Of A Company. (a Case Study Of Anammco Motor Enugu State).

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The Impact Of Different Methods Of Depreciation On The Profitability Of A Company. (a Case Study Of Anammco Motor Enugu State).


This research work provide broad introduction to the impact of manufacturing companies on its environment. It is written with all forms of simplicity, clarity and straightforward fashion without including unnecessary detail while at the same time ensuring that all aspect are adequately represented.



1.1       Introductions

1.2       Statement of the problem

1.3       Purpose of the study

1.4       Significance of the study

1.5       statement of the hypothesis

1.6       Scope of the study

1.7       Limitation of the study

1.8       Definition of term


2.1       Review of related literature

2.2       Locations and setting of manufacturing

2.3       Factor

2.4       Factor affecting manufacturing


Research design and methodology

3.1       Sources of data

3.2       Sample use

3.3       Method of investigation


4.1       Data presentation and analysis



The first of through of introduction manufacturing companies into various human endeavours was first mulled by the early English scientist. The aim was to ascertain productivity   and quality of goods and services.

Manufacturing may be expressed as a system of changing/converting raw materials into a finished product suitable for consumption. It involves activities in changing the reverse formation of raw materials to the formation through the use of machines.

In addition, manufacturing is rather a business oriented operation which is of barter mechanical and technical. It is mechanical because without machines no operation could be run since each stage of production of the machine defect on one and another for effectiveness on the sense that, machines and  its operational system require adequate techniques for best handling.

A manufacturing companies consist of number of firm producing commodities which are broadly related, through its not often easy to know the difference between one company and the other, for example, the drinks industry the motor industry, cotton industry, etc.

This example gives a broad indication of the branch of production concerned.

In great Britain, the rationalized industries such as electricity, gas production have been prior attention due to the grate impact it has on national economic growth. Even in the ancient days, before the advent of modern technology, our locally but the present generation of modern technology, has finally made things easy, that is to say increasing advancement is noted. The gift and blessing of the time whereby the production of the good and things were gradually available in greaten quantity and quality to reduce scarcity of choice.

Many professional jobs today, manufacturing companies has been nucleus without the Nigerian economy has its life in the area of making goods available in the high quality, so as to meet the basic requirement of a growing economy, most especially in the area of development manufacturing has a dissimilar branches and many states which includes, the composition of the various form of raw packaging for successful operation. Each of the stage involved requires specialist. The branches with their process do complicate the idea but proper utilization of the discoveries of techniques and method will actually lead to                                                                                                              successful occupation.

Manufacturing is achieved by mechanical devices which operations are either automatic or manual.

The combined machines involved in the manufacturing process are so designed in a way that different output be produced to one appreciate patterns.

Manufacturing is universally recognized because of its function, which result to a great high level of goodwill to most companies. For example, seven up bottling co. plc, levels brother Nig. plc, U.A.C plc and host of others.


The study shall limit itself on the aspect of the economy due to the non-availability of network data for limitation imposed on the researchers by the time and finance. Interview was restricted to the human resources department. The limitation to this research work also includes the factors met in our environment among which are.

Factor altitude of respondents. Others are educational background of most of the junior workers, most of the are semiliterate and illiterates while this posed a difficult ton the research in the course of collecting fact on the topics. Also we cannot rule out the significant percentage of the people living in the environs which can neither write nor read. It is very difficult for people who cannot read and write to understand the importance and process for supplying research information in written form.


Manufacturing companies/industries in Nigeria and west African at large has been joined with various functions and objectives resulting to a clear difference among examined in a broaden view below. The aims and objectives of the study is to analyse the impact of environmental factors on manufacturing `companies and also, the possible selection in which these problems can be solved in regards to the environmental factors.

Lastly, this study is aimed at analysing and giving useful advice to the individual manufacturing companies on how to cope with these problem wherever they arise.


The research carried out in 7up bottling co. plc, 9th mile corner, Enugu plant marks the first significant step toward establishing of ENVIRONMENTAL INTERNATINAL ASSESMENT (E.L.A) established by the present Federal government.  In practical, concrete manner, the relationship between the breakdown or complete collapse of record systems and larger problems or failures between manufacturing companies and their environment.  The research draws on the work of two companies, and their environment.  The seven up bottling co. plc Enugu plant and Ama Brewery Plc on how they maintained their relationship with their neighbouring villages of the host communities, Amekwe Ngwo and Eke Ngwo Enugu.

Interviewing the General Manager seven up Bottling Co. Plc in person of Mr. Adeyinka Adesina and Human Resource Manger of Ama Brewery, Mr. Kayode Adeuja, with the Royal Highness, Igwe Eze of Amekwe Ngwo and some other chiefs of the ill both villages provide insight into the legal and regulatory framework that supports the factor between manufacturing companies and her environment.  Discussion also reveal problems in village which had caused a serious crisis/wars among the villagers due to who and which family has to benefit most in the newly manufacturing industries situated on their land.

The primary objectives of the field study is to develop the records, management assessment tools its design to draw heavily on the realities observed and is intended to address directly the shortcomings that were exposed during interviews, through site inspection and through a federal government programme togged (E.I.A) Environmental International Assessment.  The intent is for this tool to serve as the basis for check and balances on manufacturing companies.  The case study sets the context for the report.  It is meant to encapsulate the problems and illustrate many of the issues that are dealt with in the chapter that follow.  The assessment tool build practically on the issues discussed and provides a framework to begin to determine how to restore and strengthen system.


An hypothesis is a statement of fact to study, put forward by a researcher as a starting point for reasoning to guide him in human research work which may be true or false valid or otherwise if the data collected by the researcher indicated that majority support that the fact that is valid, it is therefore accepted.  Otherwise it is not and hence rejected for the purpose of this research of study the major hypotheses considered are:-

1.         H0:      That the effect of environmental factor on the manufacturing

Industry has an impact on management process.

H0:      That the effect of environmental factor on the manufacturing

Industry has no impact on management process.

2.         H0:      That the environmental factor is a banner to the development of

the manufacturing companies.

H1:      That the environmental factor is not a banner to the development of the manufacturing companies.

1.6              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The manufacturing company systems are one of the main parts of the Nigeria economy.  Also the developments of the manufacturing companies will contribute do the process of economic growth and development.  Therefore this write up will take a possible look at the role of manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

These sectors obviously include the task environment and the competitive environment.  Due to non-available of relevant data for the entire economy, this study will be limited to certain aspects i.e. in the case of Nigeria Economy Data, those extracted from annual reports of topic industries Nig. Ltd Enugu.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERMS

Business organization and closely and generally identified as chromic institutions hawing human and maternal resources for the purpose of making economic production at a profit therefore the environment in which the business operates consist of men money maternal incestuous

custom labourer union board of directors E.T.C winch has a considerable influence that could make the reptilian or serial of a business inevitably before a business could attain or emerge lento repeatable or these various fact must be considered such as.

1.         Better plan for investment

2.         Butler plan to work

3.         Butler supporter of ethical weal’s

4.         Better company to sale

5.         Better taxi foyer and supporter of govt

6.         Better contributors in community

7.         Better contributions to social public ingestion and human progress

Cooing through the above lasted fact it is deduced that the eroironment and the expectation of a business can easily be ascertained and classified into various classes consisting the external of enrolment of a business economic political legal socio cultured scientific and technology.


The establishment and the operation of business in Nigeria is coronet they plan a multiple the government basically their role are seen in the area of business registration setting up Hans and registration which govern the establishment and operation of the business.


The nature of the society and people do affect the manner in which the business may be conducted the axial environment of a business consist of the history and other demography characteristics of the sixty these factor refers to the business operations for example woman from going out during ore festival basic calmly done in Yoruba land likewise woman are also prohibited to going out dung ode festival basically done in IGBO land therefore business men must take cognisance of the people socio cultural enjoinment when stating a business


The develop parent of science and technology can affect the machinery installed in the company is instrumental to efficiency and huge productivity of vehemently named in order to meet the challenges of toadies technology there is need to organize tanning seminars workshop and also to axing  the business executives and supervisors to the practical use of the machines these should be done in order for the business to cope with the constraints imposed by the science and technology in the realm of business


Economic conditions offer a high considerable opportunity for instance the large considerable in Nigeria suggests a potentiality large manifesting plan to the inadequacy of economics and social infrastructure constitutes and opportunity as hell as a hindrance to the business a progressive economy has posture effect on business acidifies a good dustiness there for should be very knowledgeable and conscious of his eccentric inurnment he must able to observe and analyse change in it identify possible economic opportunities and threat before the business the prompt response of  the business to these environmental factor offer the business opportunity for fill integration and a mutually benefit tiny relationship with the societies.

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