The Role And Importance Of Central Bank Of Nigeria In The Prevention Of Bank Failure In Nigeria.

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The Role And Importance Of Central Bank Of Nigeria In The Prevention Of Bank Failure In Nigeria.




1.1              Statement of problem and purpose of study

1.2              Rationale of the study

1.3              Significance of the study

1.4              Background of the study

1.5              Definition of the terms


Literature review

2.1              Theoretical review

2.2              Empirical review


Hypothesis, methodology, sources of data and limitation of the study

3.1              Hypothesis of study

3.2              Methodology of study

3.3              Sources of data

3.4              Limitation of the study


Data presentation, analysis and findings

4.1              Data presentation

4.2              Data analysis

4.3              Findings


Summary, conclusion and recommendation

5.1              Summary of the entire work

5.2              Conclusion

5.3              Recommendation of the work




The purpose of this study is to known the roles central bank of Nigeria will performing in prevent banks failures in Nigeria, because peoples are worried about the problem of bank failure in Nigeria.

Bank failures in Nigeria has bring many problem in our economic growth. Therefore in this study we want to known how centrol bank of Nigeria will prevent it through his agent like (C.B.N and N.D.I.C).

Problem:  do to constant failure in banking industry, peoples are no longes or loss confidence in keeping their money in banks.

Purpose of study

The main purpose of this study, is to determine the roles of C.B.N in controlling bank failure in Nigeria economy.

1.2              RATIONALE OF THE STUDY

The main rationale of this study is for continual growth in the banking industry. There is need for effective and efficient control of bank failures. Some banks had failed due to inability to meet the minimum capital requirement stipulated  by banking ordinance. Since the last banking failure in 1990s. there is adequate evidence to show that perceived stability in the industry has been the result of protection by the monetary authorities.

Therefore, the main objective of carryout this research is to dictate the role of C.B.N in preventing bank failures in Nigeria.


The writing will be benefiting to many people both bank management, shareholders, insurance companies and customers.

Bank managers will benefit from this writing as it will help them to be aware of how measures and advice of the C.B.N and put them into practiced will achieve success in their war against bank failures.

Customer will also benefit from this writing as it exposes the problem of bank failure in Nigeria.

Through this writing, the entire society will known that are controlling and supervising their funds. They will also know whether C.B.N plays and roles in bank failures.

1.4              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The success or failure of our present bank depends on the quantity and efficiency of our banking system. On the competence, integrity and effectiveness of the directors in our banking and financial constitution. C.B.N carrying out this bank supervisory by preventing bank failures, they work injunction with Nigeria deposit insurance corporation (NDIC).insurance the banks incase of failure, C.B.N plays a major role through moral suasion and other guidelines.

Again, inability of  both CBN and NDIC effectively has been identified as the causes of distress in Nigeria financial system which leads to bank failure. Bank failure is the problem in our economic growth and development of banks, therefore this research work is to identifying the major causes of bank failures in Nigeria and its effects on the Nigeria economy and individual inclusive.

These are causes of bank failure

v  Attitude of the colonialist

v  Inadequate legal framework

v  Ownership

v  Poor management

v  Societal problems

v  Political instability

v  Dealt of experienced

1.5              DEFINITION OF TERMS

What is bank failure?

Bank failure to the inability of a bank to meet this obligation to its customers, owners and the economy occasioned by fault, which land rendered its insolvent.

Besides, there were many other problem that standard up during the research work

Financial:  as a custom, there is no enough capital to spend in investigation and fact finding the problem of bank failure,  which have be helped in writing of his research work

Management constraint:  the respondent, especially the bank branch manager, did not cooperate as was expected also the work as in different department visited were as well reluctant in answering some of the question asked.

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