The Role Of Auditing In Controlling Fraud In Government Establishment. A Case Study Of Federal Pay Office Enugu.

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The Role Of Auditing In Controlling Fraud In Government Establishment. A Case Study Of Federal Pay Office Enugu.


This research work is design to  achieve a specific purpose on the role played by Auditors in protection of public funds in the government establishments, ministries or government  parastatals. The research goes into providing a systematic financial accountability that will promote proper stewardship of asset, deter wastes, dishonesty and promote effeteness of reasonable cost. However, the literature review helps to ascertain other writes view concerning the subject of the study which explains how government establishment is so organized in such a way that fraud could be detected easily and on time just because particular audits are assigned to particular personnel. The data used for this work was collected from primary and  secondary  source. Questionnaire were also used (200 in number) 120 were retained on filled while 20 missed on transit and  total used was  60 in number. Against the background, invaluable and reliable discoverers were made. Finally the research recommends that  the legislative are of government should make it mandatory  for the accountant general  to submit financial statement of government account to audit department for  audit work within 6(six month of auditors to be given  power to execute or enforce its finding after its work has been review by the public account committee (P.Ac).




For a long time now Nigeria have been witnessing a down turn in her development efforts. This primary cause of this down has been linked with the in or deinate ambition of the average Nigeria to get rich quick at the  expense of less piviltedge ones. Those who a seen them selves as being opportunity  to control government establishment use the opportunity to perpetrate fraud or  misappropriate public funds and properties.

Our law makers have seen the need for acceptable accountability by making a provision for the federal and stated government to report on the account of stewardship rendered by these public officers.

Section 126 (1) the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria 199. States that there shall be an audit general for each state who shall be appointed in accordance with the provision of section 126 of the constitution”.

Section (2) says that the public account of a state and of all offices and courts of the state shall be audited by the auditor general for the state”.

This study focused attention how well or otherwise the government audit department conduct it activities in response to section 125 of 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.


Public embezzlement always create a consciousness on the part of the supervisory authorities as to the quality and digree of protective management in government

1.                  Lack of understanding of the purpose of auditing among the society in general.

2.                  Lack of a well defined goal oriented policies aimed at building up a strong and sound financial system.

3.                  Inherent weakness in the existing. Administrative arrangement for government establishment accounting function.

4.                  Improper supervision of over all officers under the authority  entrusted with the receipts expenditure of public money.

Inability of the government establishment maintain a sound system of internal control.

1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The specific purpose which the project is design to achiever are:

1.                  To find out roles played by the audit department in protection of public finds.

2.                  To  provide a system of financial accountability which will promote proper stewardship of assets deter wastes dishonesty and extravagancy and promote effectiveness at reasonable costs.

3.                   To ensure efficient financial administration through system of internal control  and management information.

4.                  To determine the extent to which fraud misapporiation and embezzlement of public funds have persisted in public services.

5.                  To find out the delays in carrying out audit of account of government establishment.

1.4              SIGNIFICANT OF THE STUDY .

It is expected that  the result of this study will help improve financial reporting by government establishment providing annual reports in accordance with the requirement of audit acts, 1990.

The significant of the study to society in general is to correct the wrong notion of the society in general  is to correct the wrong notion of the wealth of government  which contrary to realty is usually. Regarded in position could cut his own share at will and  get away with it.

To the government is ensuing the standard that down in the ministry manual of responsibilities and procedure are maintained.

To the auditor to pin point to them  the risk that confronts the auditors in the excretes of his duties the legal action that could be taken against the auditor she/he deficit in this  duty.

The study sure as a quite for  future quern mental  policy formulation on auditing guideline to government establishment .

Finally, it is expected that this study will serve as a work of reference to future researchers.

  1. Time constraints: The researcher as a student also engaged in other activities which limited the time.

Used for the project the research was deeply affected by the shortness of time as a result of the short semester being ran by the  school. The semester coupled with dash of programme of the school and there is no special time given for proper investigation are the constraints which left the researcher with little or no time to carry out this project.

2.                  SCOPE: Due to the vastness of the areas to be covered by the researcher, the researcher found it way difficult  she could not obtain information from each of theses areas. For instance there are many firms dealing with auditing and investigation and for the fact that it is very difficult for one to gather information or data from each of these firm one being a student was compelled to unit his study to federal pay office Enugu.


Facts were not easy to come about during the course of this project work. Even where the facts are available they were either out dated or the authorities concerned refused to bring it out or are subject necessary protocols. At the expense of my limited time before they were male available.

4.                  FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS:

The researcher lacked the necessary finance to carryout extensive research on this topic .

5.                  NON –RESPONSES:

Inadequate responses such as some ministries when interviewed defined responses and unable to help due to internal problem like staff of local government audit department of Enugu state.

6.                  BUREAUCRACY:

The bureaucracy in government establishment has made it very difficult for researcher to obtain research information.

7.                  SECREY:

Most Nige4ria dislike activities that appear to be probing them, they tend to avoid researchers because they gelt their activities which are not meant for public consumption would be exposed through research work.,

1.5              RESEARCH QUESTION

The following research question were formulated by the researcher for the conduct of this project.

1.                  What  aspect of the accounts government policies  hinders effective and efficient  auditing  of account government establishment

2.                  How can government establishment supervise the expenditure of government taking care that no payment  were made which is not covered by proper authority.

3.                  To what extent do fraud effect economic development of the country.

4.                  What measures showed be taken to ensure that objective of auditing are achieved in government establishment.


H o: The audit does not play effective and efficient role in the control of fraud in government establishment .

Hi: The auditor play effective and efficient role in the control poof fraud in government establishment.

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