effect of foreign films on teenagers’ moral conduct (a case study of kidvac college, iree osun state)

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EFFECT OF FOREIGN FILMS ON TEENAGERS’ MORAL CONDUCT (A case study of Kidvac College, Iree Osun State)


Children and adolescents tend to cultivate bahaviour they watch on television because of it potential and audio-visual power and as a result of this, our culture, moral, values and norms are continually eroding due to our constant exposure to films and television programmes usually of foreign contents, this brings about cultural imperialism. The research investigate the effect of foreign films( drama, soap opera, tv programme) on teenagers’ moral conduct” using Kidvac College, Iree Osun State as a case study. Findings show that foreign films exposed students to alcoholic substances, it also expose them to illicit sex and indecent dressing etc. Survey of 100 children were examined, who were drawn through purposive sampling method. It is recommended that film industries and broadcast houses should promote cultural values of Nigeria society rather than showcasing western culture on our generations.

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