Financial Planning And Control: A Key To Management Efficiency (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc-Ninth Mile Corner Enugu)

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Financial Planning And Control: A Key To Management Efficiency (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc-Ninth Mile Corner Enugu)

The reasons for the study emanated from the fact that poor financial control system has always been an impediment to the growth of some business organizations. They have always faced the problem of poor cash and material control system of which this study has addressed itself to. The problem of how stocks and cash should be held in order to have a healthy financial environment and operations and the maintenance of an efficient inventory management some of the organizations.
The problem of stock management revolves on the determination of the optional stock levels. Besides, efficiency financial control measures and staff efficiency to which this work will address itself to, counts to the problems faced by some organizations like brewery. I have to make some useful suggestions and recommendations based on that which the company and other similar organizations will adopt to achieve results. This study will be a guide to scholars, researcher or writers who may wish to carry further study on the financial management of the company. This study focuses on the examination of the existing financial control system in Brewery and also to investigate the present system of cost control and material management as indicated above.

Title Page


Approval Page




Table of content



Chapter 1


1:1 Introduction

1:2 Background of the Study

1:3 Statements of Problems

1:4 Objectives of the Study

1:5 Research Question

1:6 Study of the Hypothesis

1:7 Significance of the Study

1:8 Justification of the Study

1:9 Scope of the Study

1:10 Definition of Terms



Chapter 2

Literature Review

2:0 Introduction

2:1 Conceptual Clarification

2:2 Theoretical Framework

2:3 Literatures on the Subject Matter



Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3:0 Area of Study

3:1 Source of Data

3:2 Sampling Techniques

3:3 Method Data Collection

3:4 Method of Data Analysis

3:5 Reliability of Instrument

3:6 Validity of Instrument

3:7 Limitations of the Study


Chapter 4

Data Analysis

4:0 Introduction

4:1 Finding of the Study

4:2 Discussion of the Study

4:3 Summary



Chapter 5

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5:0 Summary of Findings

5:1 Conclusion

5:2 Recommendations

5:3 Proposal for Further Studies


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