Modification of proto-type air conditioning unit

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The need for an authentic and reliable report relating to the modification of a proto-type air-conditioning unit is inevitable.  Many homes and offices use the air conditioner to cool the temperature in their respective homes and offices, so the maintenance of the air conditioner should be a top priority of every individual in order to avoid huge expenditure in the modification of the system.

This report began with an introduction into the relevance of an air conditioner, the general maintenance one is expected to carry out for effective performance of the air conditioner and the faults discovered together with the repair carried out.

Subsequently, advance information pertaining to the repairs involving a faulty air conditioner have been given in certain sections of this report which will be beneficial to those interested in the repairs and modification of a faulty air conditioning unit.






2.2       The features of air conditioning plant

2.3       An air-conditioning plant

2.4       Some hygrometry technical terms in air conditioning process

2.5       The cooling process undergo by the vapour constituent

2.6       Effects of pressure on air conditioning

2.7       Description of an air conditioning equipment

2.8       Component parts of air conditioning

2.9       Air conditioning maintenance

2.9.1    Sequence of operation


3.1       Cost Analysis


4.0              Conclusion and Recommendation

4.1       Conclusion

4.2              Recommendation



1.1              INTRODUCTION

Air conditioning unit is a system for regulating the humidity, ventilation and temperature in an enclosure.  Air conditioning also involves a regulated supply of air at some desired temperature and relative humidity.

The aim of air conditioning modification is to improve on the working efficiency as well as the durability of the device in order to meet modern day requirement.  In order to meet modify a sample of an air conditioning unit, there is need to study the faulty existing components after which the faulty component well be replaced with new and better ones.  Air conditioning is used extensively to regular temperature in industrial production, schools, hospitals, hotels, theaters and homes.

Air conditioning unit comprises of some important components such as compressor which pumps the refrigerant gas through the entire system.  Capacitor which starts the compressor and fans used to produce the required state pressure of the system.  However, the importance of air conditioning unit is applied in cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification,                                                                                    ventilator, air cleaning and air circulation.

Air conditioning is firmly rooted in two basic principles known as the first and second law of thermodynamic. The first law states that energy can either be created nor destroyed.  If energy disappears in one from, it must reappear in another, nor can any energy appear in one form without a corresponding decrease of energy in other forms.  The second law states that no system can receive heat at a given temperature and reject it at a higher temperature without receiving work from the surroundings.  Heat always flows from the warmer to the colour body.

However, the relative humidity values in an air conditioning is reduced by the application of simple heating at a constant pressure to the final temperature.  Air conditioning unit assist to reduce the quantity of heat involved and therefore the size of the heat transfer surfaces and yet maintain the freshness in the room.  Therefore, air conditioning is no longer a luxury but an essential part of the modern day living and hence the need to modify a proto-type air conditioning unit is of immense interest to the present day society.

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