Design And Implementation Of Online Registration Of Courses And Result Confirmation (A Case Study Of Computer Science Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (Morning))

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(A Case Study Of Computer Science Department Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (Morning)


This project work mainly looks into the nature and process of online registration of course and result confirmation, implementing an online management system that keep track of all the records needed by computer students in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (mainly for only regular i.e. morning student), for easy accessibility to results and online registration of course.
The manual system of information management has served for a long time now, but it is not consistent enough, neither is it accurate enough to satisfy the people in the system due to some physical and human constraints. The aim of this project research is to improve the existing system, to enable faster data capturing, data creating, automatic processing, dissemination of and proper storage of student’s results at appropriate time. Improving of compilation and computation of result and restriction are made in registration of courses, thereby avoiding the mistake of registering the wrong course. Students readily having access to their result from remote destination at appropriate time, making result more reliable avoiding tampering of result by unauthorized user ad reduce stress involved in compilation of result.
Finally, it shows the implementation steps taken in getting the proposed system to work.


Title page
Approval page
Table of content


1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of the study
1.4 Scope and limitation of study
1.5 Significance of the study
1.6 Definition of terms


2.0 Introduction
2.1 History of local network and internet
2.2 Man and the need for information
2.3 The computer and the age of information


3.0 Introduction
3.1 System Analysis
3.2 Method of data collection
3.2.1 Observation method
3.2.2 Interview method
3.3 Proposing a new system
3.3.1 Description of student record
3.3.2 Procedure of the current system
3.4 Analysis of courses of computer science
3.5 Objective of the proposed system
3.6 System design


4.0 Introduction
4.1 Justification of programming language
4.2 Module/user guide
4.3 Porgram flowchart
4.4 System requirement
4.4.1 Hardware requirement
4.3.2 Software requirement
4.5 System implementation
4.6 File Conversions
4.7 System maintenance


5.0 Summary
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Recommendation
Appendix I – Flowchart
Appendix II – Sources code
Appendix III – Output


Computer and communication technology is the most advance electronic development, which has transformed almost all areas of human endeavor in the present generation. There is almost no field of study or industry, which has not felt a positive impact of the technological trends and development.
Computer technology continues to advance over the year reaching extensive ends and applications. One of such provision of computer technology is the internet. The internet is literarily understood as a global network of computers and allows communication device, which provide a wide range of services and sharing of various forms of resources. One of the provisions that has dominated the internet scene and forms. The main focus of this work is the “WORLD WIDE WEB”. The World Wide Web (WWW) as a major internet provisions is relatively complex and deserves a detailed discussion. Historically, it was a distributed information service developed in the early 1990’s at the European Laboratory for practical physics (CERN) Geneva. It is a large –scale distributed hypermedia system based on networked computer which are attached to integrated network known as the internet and allows access to document from remote areas via connected terminals and computers.

The necessity of an automate management information system, educational development as whole, both nation wide and internationally cannot be over emphasized. The unusual assertion by many professionals that “Information is power” is continually gaining affirmation and reaffirmation as the country continues to witness dynamic trends in information technology.
The manual system of information management has serve for a long time now, but you can agree with me that it is not consistent enough, timely enough in the system, due to some physical and human constraints.
With the introduction to automated information system, data capturing, creating, processing, dissemination and storage are more efficient, effective and reliable and the final output in turn is satisfactory to the individuals concerned. This project shall be administered to meet statutory regulatory and departmental requirement needs of the system. Automated information system has a level of security that commensurate with the risk and magnitude of the harm that could result, from the loss, misuse disclosure or modification of the information contained in the system. Each system’s level of security must protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information produced. The privacy Act of 1974 in the United States of America imposes strict limitation on the school authority to disclose or rough handle information maintained on individuals without their prior consent.
This information system has the capacity to handle any amount of data produced without complexities. Record keeping in far more complex in school today than in the past because of the incriminating rate at which students are admitted each session. For this reason technological advances have been made available to provide an ultimate way for meeting information requirement as regards to education.

Due to the increasing number of students in recent years and some human limitations, lost of problems have been encounter. These problems include:
1. Problem of proper registration of courses going by the laid down rules.
v Students registering of course onside the option in which the study.
v Students omitting carry over/reference course during result compilation.
v Students offering more/less credit load than required.
v Lack of adequate guidance in course registration.
These problems result in student having extra years or semester apart from the stipulated years.
2. The problem of detecting omitted result.
3. Stress in computation of result considering the increasing number of students.
4. Problem of switching results/registration of number of students before compilation.
5. Problem of getting results ready at the appropriate time to enable students register carry-over courses.

With the numerous problems confronting the department of computer science, this project intends to design code and implement an online management information system that will keep track of all the records needed to computer students results for easy accessibility to results and Online registration of courses. The purposes are as follows.
o Restrictions are made in the registration of courses based on the mistake of registering the wrong course.
o Students readily have access to their result from remote destination at appropriate time.
o Making results more reliable
o Providing security measures to avoid missing results.
o Avoid tampering of results by unauthorized user.
o Eliminating the problem of switching results.

This project is based only on the analysis made at the department of computer science in Federal Polytechnic Nekede. The Online system can only be used by the department and students in the department. With some amendments other departments can make use of this application.
Nevertheless this project is limited to automated accessing of students result once entries are made and also Online registration of appropriate course for each semester. This Online management information system produces report for only 100 to 400 level student (morning) in the department. It should also be noted that this project is not based in designing automated management information system for department of computer science but thoroughly deals with how students register and confirm results.

It is critical for this project to be undertake in order to provide better recording system which can be accessed over the internet from remote destinations, and also allow accurate Online registration of courses and confirmation of results also.
This will eventually provide a more organized result recording system and will tend to clear off doubts and fears about the standard of education in the system and the level of knowledge acquired by the students produced by the department. Also serves as a channel of communication between the students, staff and the entire world.

o Automation is the theory; art and technique of converting a mechanical process to maximize automate operation specially by the use of electronic control mechanisms and electronic computers for the rapid organizing and processing of data in a wide range of technical industrial and business information.
o Also automate means to control by information to change or convert to automation, to automate.
o Program it is a set logically related instructions that are in sequence and are used to giving solution to specific problems. It is a set of instructions given to the computers to perform a specific task.
o Information this simply means processed data.
o Date these are raw facts that are not yet processed.
o Computer this is an electronic device that is capable of solving problem by accepting data, processing them and producing results.
o Registration this is an alphanumeric code used to identify each candidate in the various departments.
o Form this is in form of a paper, which requests the candidate to fill in some requirements needed by the institution.
o ADI – term used to denote application programming interface. A defined set of technologies different programming application.
o File size how large the file containing the data is, usually measured in kilobytes or megabytes.
o Byte – abbreviation of binary term.
o Frames – formatting a page so that more than one HYML document is visible on the screen at the same time.
o HTTP – A protocol to transfer hypertext requests an information between serves and browses.
o Internet – A geographical interconnection of computer together to allow them to exchange data, allowing for service like the database and web.
o Internet – A geographical interconnection of computer together to allow than to exchange data.

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