Production Of Insecticides

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Insecticides are simply chemicals in gaseous or liquid or any other form, used to kill insects. Insecticides do not just kill insects, they also repel them. This means that insects stay off areas where insecticides have been applied, lest they die.

People use insecticides all over Nigeria. The climatic nature of Nigeria, coupled with the increasingly unkempt environment of most regions in Nigeria, makes the use of insecticides almost inevitable. There are mosquitoes and other bugs flying around everywhere you go. These bugs mean sickness, sickness means hospitals, hospitals mean medical bills. And you would agree with me that medical bills cost way more than a dozen insecticides. This is why the insecticide business booms in Nigeria, and if you can make your product stand out with top notch quality and reliability, your customer base will be bigger than you dreamt of in time.

In Nigeria today, things are so expensive that even the wealthy people are complaining. Everybody is looking for how to save cost on one item or the other, so as to have more free money to work with. It is not unusual to find people leaving their cars at home and opting for public transport once in a while.

This tells you that people are looking for cheaper ways of living. You can provide that for them in the form of liquid insecticides. Today in the market, popular spray insecticides like Raid, Baygon, etc have sky-rocketed their prices. People are looking for alternatives, but they do not know how to get such.

The spray insecticides have the advantage of portability and flexibility. Their packaging is top notch, and it makes the handler seem ‘tush’. So why don’t you get creative with your packaging of the liquid insecticides? There are cost effective ways of creatively branding and packaging your products, and in reality, Nigerians won’t mind since it’s saving them some extra dough.

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