Water Level Control Using Fuzzy Logic System

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Water level control is highly important in industrial applications such as boilers in nuclear power plants.
This paper analyzes the effectiveness of water level controller using fuzzy logic. The fuzzy controller is implemented in
MATLAB and then simulated in SIMULINK to test the behaviour of the system. The response of the fuzzy controller
is then compared with a conventional PID controller. The results are shown and the effectiveness of the controller is
illustrated. In many industrial processes, control of liquid level is required. It was reported that about 25% of
emergency shutdowns in the nuclear power plant are caused by poor control of the steam generator water level. Such
shutdowns greatly decrease the plant availability and must be minimized. Water level control system is a very complex
system, because of the nonlinearities and uncertainities of a system. Currently, constant gain PI controllers are used
in nuclear organisations for boiler water level control at high power operations. However, at low power operations, PI
controllers can not maintain water level properly. A need for performance improvement in existing water level
regulators is therefore needed.

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