causes of inflation and unemployment in nigeria

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Nigeria as a developing country has been bedeviled by many economic and social challenges amongst which are inflation, unemployment, corruption, poverty, political instability and lately terrorism. These problems in the Nigerian system like every other that have existed or are existing in any other country have causes as well as implications.
Therefore the essence of this research study titled “Causes of inflation and unemployment in Nigeria” is to critically look at the causes of this economic challenges (inflation and unemployment) facing the country.
While carrying out this research work, references were made to various existing articles, literatures and books relating to the subject matter since the research topic treated is very important to the economic well being of the country. Also the researcher embarked on a fact finding task to get the needed data and information for effective analysis of the work done.
In addition, questionnaire method was extensively used to gather the necessary data needed for the study.
Since getting information through some of these sources was not easy, the researcher therefore acknowledge some limitations which might in one way or the other affect the result of this research. After the collection of the data, it was used to presented, analyzed, and interpreted in other to extract the findings of the study.
At the last chapter of this work, findings, recommendations and conclusions were made on the research study done so far.

table of contents

title page

approval page




definition of terms

table of contents

chapter one


1.1 background of the study

1.2 objective of the study

1.3 scope of the study

1.4 significance of the study

1.5 statement of the problem

1.6 research questions

1.7 the research hypothesis

1.8 limitations of the study

chapter two

review of the related literature

2.1 unemployment

2.1.1 types of unemployment

2.1.2 theories of unemployment

2.1.3 causes of unemployment in nigeria

2.1.4 consequences of unemployment

2.2 inflation

2.2.1 theories of inflation

2.2.2 the impact of inflation on the nigerian economy

2.3 unemployment-inflation trade-off

2.3.1 the phillips curve

2.3.2 long-run phillips curve

2.3.3 stagflation (positively slope phillips curve)

2.3.4 applications and implications of the philips curve

2.3.5 limitation of the philip curve

chapter three

research methodology

3.1 model specification

3.2 evaluation method

3.3 justification of the model

3.4 sources of data

chapter four

data presentation and analysis

4.1 presentation of regression result

4.2 result interpretation

4.2.1 analysis of the regression coefficients

4.2.2 economic apriori condition

4.2.3 statistical criteria

hypothesis testing

4.2.4 econometric criteria (second-order test)

4.3 policy implication

chapter five

findings, conclusion and recommendations

5.1 summary of findings

5.2 conclusion

5.3 recommendations



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