the marketing/distribution of stule food in enugu a case study of ogbete mean market

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This project was on the marketing and distribution of stifle food in  Enugu metropolis was solely collected from consumers distributors book and various related literature. There were some interesting observations from the research study lacks of information within the market led to poor distribution and marketing of yam product the respondents agreed absolutely with this.

Also yam producers sell their produce mostly to the wholesalers and retailers at time they sell to the ultimate consumer but the other hand buy mostly from the retailers.



1.0      Introduction.

1.1  General background of the subject matter.

1.2  Problems Assorted with the subject matter.

1.3  Problems the study will be concerned with.

1.4 The importance of studying the area.

1.5 Definition of important terms

1.6 References.


2.6 Literature Review

2.1 The origin of the subject area.

2.2 School of thought within the project area

2.3 School of thought relevant to the problems.

2.4 Deferent method of studying the problem

2.5 Summary

2.6 References


1.0    Conclusion

3.1 Data presentation

3.2 Analysis of Data

3.3 Recommendation

3.4 Conclusion





Today the mentioning of the word marketing has a lost of things and meaning to send to a layman. The word marketing has to be understood and interpreted by any layman as meaning the same thing as trading. It is in this view that we say that it starts before production and ends after consumption. We also talked about societal marketing concept, which puts the entire society into consideration when emphasizes on selling.

In an attempt to define the marketing it is good to look at some definition given some authorities and professionals in the tied .It should also noted that these is the general accepted definition of marketing rather each person tries to look at marketing to the function performed by him.

Therefore we would not make mistake by saying that there are as many marketers.

According to Philip Kotler (1980) marketing is the human activity through exchange process. This definition has some key words as the operative words such as need wants and exchange need. This is defining as a state of felt. Deprivation in person.

Wants-Are The expression of human as they are shaped by a person culture and individual development. And wants must be meaningful to marketer.

Exchange- is obtaining a desire objective from some one offering in return to some thing of value.

Nwokoye (1981) define marketing as  the set of activates tat facilitate exchange transaction involving economic goods and service for the ultimate purpose of satisfying human needs. The activities here include product development production adding transportation storage promotion distribution and pricing etc.

Ifezue (1990) define marking as a process which identifies anticipates and satisfies consumers need an wants through conception promotion mutual  exchange and physical distribution  of comic good services yet institute  of marketing London (1943) defined marketing as a management process which identifies anticipate and supplies consumers requirement efficiently and profitable form the above definitions one can look at the application of marketing knowledge to the marketing of yam.

1.2                    STASTEMENT OF OBJECTIVE

Before now the production of yam used to be a very level and because of this yam was left mechanized. Through some attempts were  made towards increasing the output but not much has been achieved. It is based on the above reason that I have chosen to find out  the problem inherent in the distribution and marketing  of yam in Enugu State.

Problem, which was identified, falls in the following.

Price of yam is very high because of loading by middlemen and it is a real problem because of scarcity created by the activities of these middlemen.

The quality of yam supplied to the market urban town cities are not enough which leads to price variation at different market and it is caused by ineffective system of distribution lack of information with the yam market has created a problem of duping of the product (yam) at the point of production and scarcity of at town cities.


The major objective of this study is to evaluate the marketing of yam in Enugu State. This word wants to pay a particular attention to discover the problems of yam marketing and distribution.

Evaluate the possible means reducing or remove entirely the activities of the middleman to remove the problem of hoarding.

Evaluate the best possible means of distribution to be in marketing the product  (yam) so that it will be available in the urban town and cities through the market.

Appreciate the channel of information flow, which will help bridge the communication gap that exists in the yam market in the state.

To make recommendation base on the  finding of possible ways of solving  the problems affecting yam marketing and distribution in Enugu metropolis.


How can the problem (s) inherent in yam marketing and restriction be implored?

What are the possible means of reducing or removing entirely the activities of the middlemen to remove the problem of hoarding?

What are the best possible means or best dist6ribution to strategy to be used in marketing the product (yam) available in the urban town and cities through the market?

How can one appreciate the channel of information flow, which will help bridge the communication gap that exist in the yam market in the state.

The general bases of distribution of yam in the market

The need to make better and efficient supply of yam market and the state as well

To promote a reliable way and adequate means of distribution from the source to the market.

To show and check problems of hoarding and inefficiency in the manner of distributing yams in the market.


MARKET; marketing is a process which identifies anticipate consumers need  and wants through conception promotion mutual exchange and physical distribution is simply the way or route through which goods and service are  made available  to the market

NEEDS; needs is deprivation in person

WANTS:-Wants is the expression of human needs as they are shaped by a person culture and individual development.

EXCHANGE:– Exchange is obtaining a desire objective from some offering in return to something of value.

STAPLE FOOD:-  staple food is the main product traded by Country State or district Example (yam)

How can the researcher make recommendation based on the findings of possible ways of saving the problems effecting yam marketing and distribution in Enugu Metropolis?


HO: The entire activities of the middlemen should be eliminated to remove the problem of hoarding

HI : the entire activities of the middlemen should not be eliminated

HO; That production cannot be completed until it get the final consumer so also producers of staple food like yam

Hi ;-That productio9n is completed even before it reaches the final consumer so also production of staple food like yam.


The role of agricultural product and yam in particular in nation economy and its importance cannot over- emphasize the decline in the distribution and it effects on the people of the state as well as the economy was not taken seriously hence the study.

This study will be of great importance to the government and other interested group(s) especially the farmers processors distributions and even consumers to know how to solve the problem inherent in marketing of yam say by the way of revamping and revitalizing yam farming so as to meet the need of the people and society.

In like manner, this study will recommend the best production and adequate distribution strategy to make the product avoidable to the consumers at the right time place and at the price.. Also it will aim at pointing out other area in yam marketing and distribution that need greater and urgent attention. . Finally this study will help to expose situation to the practical aspect of marketing and distribution research and widen are knowledge about yam distribution and marketing as the ease may be.


Several factors constitution to the scope of the scope of this study. In the course of carrying out this research study the researcher to make it possible that better results are achieved in having an efficient distribution and marketing system based on the scope this study the following preposition are therefore made. One may be correct to say that marketing starts from when forinens plan their output in response to expected market demand to distribution of the production in relation to the existing of the price till the product get to the ultimate consumer. However the marketing of yam and such function are production, planning pricing buying assembly selling storage transportation finance and marketing of yam the distribution of yam should be properly defined and handle to achieve objective and yam being produced by different small farmers in interior places collection point should be established where the individual farmer will bring their output and then sell them to the middlemen who will then by the product for resell.

The middlemen will formulate and implement producers for efficient handling and distribution of the product to the consumption areas it is know that the price of yam for sometimes how has been on the increase and the mode of distribution has contributed to the shortfall in the supply of the product to the consumers. We also know that is the reason why there is the need to study the market before the need of the society and yam being for o2 staple food in Nigeria there is the need for effective e marketing and distribution strategy used in handing the produce (yam) and make some recommendation on how best to improve the marketing of produce and its distribution as well.


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