the effects of personnel management in the development of public liability companies

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This research project is designed to investigate the effects of personnel management in the development of public liability companies with special references to selected firms in the communication industry. In this project MTN, GLO, CELTEL networks were chosen from among the various. Therefore, embraces the total background study of the effect of personnel management in the public liability company.

The population of the study consisted of 90 employees of the three selected firms in the communication industry (MTN, GLO, and CELTEL) in Port Harcourt, the sample size for the study was 73 employees drawn from the population using simple random sampling.

The study also reviews the literature under study which aim to exploring further, the effects of personnel management in the development of public liability company. Nevertheless, the research method used in this study is a descriptive research with a study of selected firms in the communication industry, it is aimed at describing the working from the organization under study with a view to determining the effect of personnel management in the development of public liability companies.

The sources of data used are primary and secondary data and the instrument used for data collection is questionnaire. The methodology structured questions were used to collect relevant data chi square formula was used to collect relevant data chi square.




1.1        Background of the Study

1.2        Statement of the Study

1.3        Research Questions

1.4        Research Hypothesis

1.5        Objective of the study

1.6        Significance of the Study

1.7        Scope of the Study

1.8        Limitations of the Study

1.9        Definition of Terms




2.1        Definition of Personal Management

2.2        The Effects of Personnel Management Development

2.3        The Important Of Personnel Management

2.4        The Problem of Personnel Management

2.5        The Effect  of Personnel Management in Commu.




3.1        Research Design

3.2        Area of Study

3.3        Source of Data

3.4        Population of the Study

3.5        Sample Size of the Study

3.6        Sample Techniques / Procedure

3.7        Data Collection Instrument

3.8        Validation of the Instrument

3.9        Reliability of the Instrument

3.10    Method of Data Analysis




4.2    Presentation and Analysis of the Data

4.1        Testing of Hypothesis

4.2        Discussion of  Results




5.1        Summary of Findings

5.2        Recommendations

5.3        Conclusions

5.4        Areas for Further Research





1.1    Background of the Study

Personnel management was not considered as an important ingredient in organization because managers at the past did not consider human beings as essential factors in the achievement of principles of scientific management.

In scientific management, concern of managers were on how to enhance and improve production regardless of those who are involved in producing thereby considering human beings as more factors of production.

In the pre-industrial revolution, there was hardly a unit of personnel management or department. All personnel matters were handled in the office of the Chief Executive because of the telling of own point of view most chief executive assigned the duty of personnel management issues to their assistance.

However, with the development of human relation school of thought, the concern for human being in organization started being in recognition moreover, with the advent of industrial revolution and after the revolution, personnel management.

Today, personnel management has come to stay as an essential factor of the organization in view of the changes it was undergone, its contributions enhanced the growth and development of public organization are well pronounced.

However, let us examine some of the definition given by some of these authorities and relates it to the case under study.

According to Edwin Fillipo says “Personnel management is the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are accomplished.

D.C Ohadinma and Nkem Uwaoma (2002) therefore define personnel management as the directing, coordinating and controlling of all the activities responsible for supplying required human resources and optimizing the personnel management involved in supplying required human resources.

Secondly, personnel managers involving optimizing the performance of human resources while the activities involved in supplying human resources include manpower, planning and procurement, those involved in the optimizing of the performance of human resources including training and development appraisal and motivation.

Judging from the above definitions, it therefore follow that firms in communication industry like (MTN, GLO, CELTEL etc) as organization that provide following service above to the public can only make it possible through its human resources to ensure good and effective personnel management.

The neglect of this vital factor (human resources) could spell doom for it, its employees are the source of its strength they determine the success of the organization through the application of their creativity and intelligence from the foregoing, one will agree with me that personnel management is very crucial to communication industry inclusive and therefore, the highest premium should be placed on its personnels.

1.2    Statement of Problems

Every organization in the world has one problem or the other that borders it.

Human beings in the world also has one thing that give them headache.

Therefore, it is generalized that no one is a sacred cow in this, in organization most of the problems they normally have come from the personnel department (Human resources).

No job is done without people solve the problem, they are as follows:

1.     Ineffective decision making by the personnel department.

2.     Lack of implementing of policies.

3.     No cordial relationship among workers.

4.     Lack of motivation

5.     Non – challant attitude

6.     Lack of training

This research work will try to proffer solution to the above problems.

1.3    Research Questions

This research question is designed to find out facts in the effects of personnel management in the communication industry.

1.     What are the effects of personnel management in those selected firms in communication industry?

2.     What are the contributions of personnel’s towards the development of those organizations?

3.     Does personnel management enhance workers performances?

4.     Does the effects of personnel management other roles in the organization.

5.     What measures are taking to ensure that there is effective decision making?

6.     How does the employees appraisal taken. Is it quarterly or annually?

1.4    Research Hypothesis

H0:   Personnel management does not have positive effect in the communication industry.

Hi:    Personnel management has positive effective in the growth and development of firms in the communication industry.

H0:   Effective personnel management does not enhance workers performance in the organization.

Hi:    Effective personnel management enhance workers performance in the organization.

H0:   Effect of personnel management does not supersede other effects in the organization.

Hi:    Effect of personnel management supersede other effects in the organization.

1.5    Objective of the Study

Infact, any given endeavour without a purpose can be regarded to as exercise in futility.

The objectives of the study are:

i.      To know the personnel management in public liability companies.

ii.      To know the importance of personnel management.

iii.     To know the problems of personnel management.

iv.     To know the nature of communications as it affects the personnel management.

v.     To know how motivation affects the employees performance.

1.6    Significance of the Study

This research work will be useful to all the firms in the communication industry, it will provide vital information to those who will want to extent the scope of the research work.

It will also serve as a reference material to other who will want to carry out research on similar or related topic.

1.7    Scope of the Study

This work will cover all the personnel department of the firms in the communication industry. This study will examine the impact of the firms in communication industry.

In this research, the researcher found out that the effects of personnel management (human resources) is the same in every firms in the communication industry.

1.9    Definition of Terms

1.      Management: This is the process of dealing with making decision and controlling people of things in a business or organization.

2.     Effectiveness: The producing or achieving the intended result of an organization.

3.      PERFORMANCE: This is the ability to operate efficiently react quickly etc.

4.     Procurement: This is the process of obtaining something.

5.      Creativity: This involved the skillful and imaginative use of something to produce, examine or art.

6.     Development: This is the process of entering into new invention or stages for example, new products.

7.     Optimizing: A desirable, favourable and satisfactory.

8.     Human Resources: The ability by which organizational goals are achieved through human beings.

9.     Profits: The amount realized after reducing expenses.

10.    Capital: Money and fixed assets on starting a business


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