nigeria public service, problems and prospect

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This research is basically focused on the problems of Nigerians public service with Nigeria Television Authority channel 6 Aba as the case study. Many problems encountered by the Nigerian public service were realizes. The problems impede efficiency and productivity in the public service.

The study was carried out for the purpose of explaining the relevance of public service in the state. And to comprehend the things that impede effective performance in the Nigerian public service, the impact of the problems was examined. Several ways of curbing the problem were stated. And recommendations were proffered.




1.1        Background of the study

1.2        Theoretical framework

1.3        Statement of the problem

1.4        Objective of the study

1.5        Research questions

1.6        Significance of the study

1.7        Scope and limitation of the study


2.1 Brief introduction

2.2 Concept: definition and meaning

2.3 Nature of Nigeria public service

2.4 The attributes of Nigerian public service

2.5 The functions of Nigeria public service

2.6 The problem of Nigerian public service


3.1 The design of the study

3.2 The area of the study

3.3 Sample and sampling techniques

3.4 Instrument of data collection

3.5 Instrument of data collection

3.6 Validation of instrument

3.7 Method of data analysis


4.1 Analysis of responses to research questions

4.2 Testing  of Hypothesis

4.3 Discussion of Result


5.1 Summary

5.2 Recommendation

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Suggestion for further study





Public service is a service where federal, state or local government has an interest or where its presence is felt. It is a very wide organ, encompassing the civil service, the school system, the judicially, the local government system, the security agents, government companies and public service is of great importance to any given state. The purpose of the state is to maximize the potentials of its citizens by providing basic rights, liberty, security and welfare. And government exist to enable the state realize the above objective. For such to be done, the government needs efficient and well-informed public service. The bulk of decision and actions undertaken by government are influenced and implemented by the public service. The public service provides the modern government the requisite structure and procedure necessary for efficient administration and good governance.

Public service will ever remain relevant in the scheme of politics of politics and administration in Nigeria not only because it is well scheme of polities and administration in Nigeria not only because it is well positioned to do so but more importantly because of its long history, experience and specialization.

However, the Nigerian public service is said to be suffering from a seemingly endemic illness. Prior to the military intervention in political in 1966, there existed the spirit of comradeship, neutrality, high efficiency and so on. The enthusiasm and dynamism, which followed the organization of the Nigeria civil service, which hitherto remained one central public service, provided strong and healthy governments.

Thus, the emergence of the military in polities made Nigeria political climate to become unfortunate. This greatly affected the public service. Besides, it made the public service to have a conquered history for it was moving in tandem with the style of government. There exist other problems such as corruption, poor communication system. And gradually, high productivity and efficiency fade away as a consequence. The researcher ascertained that the foretasted problems affected the Nigerian television authority channel 6 Aba (NTA) negatively, and recommended that public service will only realize its objectives if the diseases are cured.


The Nigerian Television Authority channel 6 Aba date back to July 1964 when the then eastern Nigeria broadcasting service, which had two television, station at Enugu and Aba. Then Aba station was a booster. The Aba station was totally destroyed after the civil war and was refurbished with a 10kw Thompson CSF transmitter. The east central broadcasting service Tv (ECRSTV) channel 6 Aba was its name then. It re-command transmission in September 1974 still, as a booster to the one in Enugu. It offered effective service to viewer in the current Imo and Abia states. South East states (now Cross Rivers state), Rivers state, parts of Bendel state and some parts of Equatorial Guinea and the Cameroun’s.

The Imo broadcasting service inherited the Television station in Aba. With the creation of Imo state in 1976, the Nigeria Television, channel 6 Aba became fully independence for the first time. Later, in 1976, the station was taken over by the Nigerian Television Authority but formally came into existence with the promulgation of decree No 24 of 1977 and channed to color transmission in the same year with the aid of a Thompson CSF 003 var specifically bought for that purpose.

In February, a second transmmitor a 10kw Philips PYE TX was installed to boost operation. Two microwave stations were as well established in Owerri and Ohaekelem as part of NTA DOMSAT network to enable NTA channel 6 Aba transmit NTA national programmed NTA is today witnessing the commissionary of yet another new digitalized equipment, the Rhodea and Showers 10kw T and studio equipment, which is hoped will tremendously improve the station’s operations with the station’s logo pioneering excellence in broadcasting there is no doubt NTA Aba has come of age and with the commission, of the digital transmitter and computerized studio equipment it shall be able to re-establish viewer ship in the states.


Mc Gregor Douglas theory X and theory y. the two opposing theories draws much from self fulfillment prophesy that the attitude of subordinate are regarded reinforce by the deposition of their bosses (manager) to them in terms of the level of trust and confidence.

The study is structured along side this theory as managers perceptions and the attitudes towards their subordinate, determined the subordinate reforms in the public service. The theory is considered as a framework in examining the attitude of workers in the public service.


Constant change of the structure of the public service due to political instability, this makes the service to be inefficient. Autocratic nature of decision-making process as in the case of military regime

Mediocre are recruited in service, there is executive of poor quality job. Existence of inefficiency and low productivity, Erosion of public confidence in the service, Delay in the execution of government policies and programmes preference of money to acquiring skill.


  1. To explain the importance of public service in the         state
  2. To ascertain the problems impeding the efficiency        and effectiveness of the Nigeria public service
  3. To examines the impact of the problem on the     capacity of the public service to facilitate the       running of government in Nigeria.
  4. To acquire more knowledge on how to utilize       government resources for high productivity and efficiency.
  5. To point out and realize the various techniques that      tend to encourage active participation of the      people in initiating, planning, executing and as well   use their own initiative to get things done properly       in the service.
  6. To make recommendation by reveal what is expected   of the public service in a given state.


To bring to focus the thrust of the study, there is need to ask some crucial questions.

  1. Does public service contributes to the smooth running   of government
  2. Does public service enhance development in the state?
  3. What are the obstacles encounter by the public    service in the course of discharging its duties.
  4. Can government succeed without the public service?


It is argued that the study would contribute to our knowledge the importance of the public service and the problems empedy the efficiency of the public service.

It will also be of great importance to the political leaders, policy makers and all others who are involved in the public service.

The organization understudy (NTA ABA) will benefit because with the result of the study, it will be armed with the way of doing things so as to attain the best result. NTA Aba must improve and design strategies on how to influence and motivate employees.

Furthermore, it will be of help for further research.


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