Design And Implementation Of A Road Transport Booking System

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1.0             .INTRODUCTION.

In this Chapter, the author. will be presenting sections on the background study of the Booking System which is currently used in Niger State Transport Authority (NSTA) Minna, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study and operational definition of terms.


The web. has modernized.the .way information can be .accessed thereby making the world a global village. Corporate organisations such as banks, insurance companies and other organised .institutions such as. Universities, Polytechnics now make the use of online registration. through the. web for their students’ registration. The Internet is a wide area network that can be accessed via a workstation that is. connected to its service. It serves as a medium of connection .between millions of peoples, airlines, organizations, military, and government in the most remote of areas. all over the world. Due to the. universal. access of the internet, transport booking system. and related services are available over the internet. It serves as an electronic transmission medium. to engage in exchanging of information, also aiding. transportation (digitally) from. location to location connecting users online. Also, the internet is a very good. platform for advertisement and awareness of. any product.

Data is clearly the. most conspicuous capacity. of the web. The web has developed. from its commencement into a goliath stockroom of data, giving a great many individuals access to any data. needed by simply a. click of a catch. It opens one to an extensive variety of data assets, in this way acting like. a goliath database stacked. with data.

In this advancement, a modernize system is executed to record all data about Transport Booking System systematically. As what that illuminates, individual is one critical resource and prevailing to focus fruitful in association. They will be creating all the arrange that has administered by chairman either the arrangement are key, specialized or operation. An Online Road Transport Booking System will be developed at Niger State Transport Authority to make sure the user can make their booking process with the facilities provided by this system. In essence, at NSTA there are two types of transports, by Bus or Car. Therefore, this system has very important security aspect controlled by administrator.

In the booking function, user can check whether there are available transport or not and can check their booking status (i.e Successful Booking or Unsuccessful Booking). An alternate capacity is for organization a piece of the system. The capacity is to endorse the vehicle booking, transport and driver record administration and delivering reports and demonstrate the detail of the vehicle booking by month. Assuredly, Online Road Transport Booking system can be acknowledged and the client can utilizes this system effectively and deliberately.


Niger State. Transpor.t Authority (NSTA) is not using any. system to record all information about the transport booking, but. only use a manual process based on file record. to make a booking. and record all information travels. The .manual process of transport booking is faced with a lot of challenges which includes;

i.                    The passenger’s .records can easily get. lost or merge up with. other passengers records.

ii.         Records based. on files are. difficult to retrieve as records tends to increase over. time

ii.                  Records based. on files take longer. time to file

1.3       ..AIM..v..AND. …OBJECTIVES.. ..OF. ..THE.. …STUDY.. .

The. . aim. of. . this project. . . is to . .Online Road..Transport Booking. System.

The Objectives of this. study include the. following:

i.                    To. explore the problems. associated with .the current process of booking travel tickets at NSTA.Minna.

ii.                  To develop an online .Road Transport Booking System for NSTA, Minna.



The need for. an online road transport booking .system that takes advantages on. information technology cannot be .overemphasized.

Implementing online road transport .booking system will beneficial .to the travellers and will help;

i.                    Reduce the .amount of time wasted with manual. booking process.

ii.                  Provide efficient. means for travellers to print. their travel ticket.

iii.                To minimize. likely erro.r and inaccuracies. during the booking. process.

1.5       SCOPEOF.. .THE…. .STUDY. ..

. .The.. .scope.. .of. .this... .project. is to ..create..system... that will allow.. the passengers. to fill and submit their personal details, do their transport booking online, pay for their booking and print their ticket that summarize the booking schedule and payment. transaction only after payment has been made which can be from a credit card, or debit card.


This project is faced. with the following limitations;

i.                    Poor availability. of internet service at certain. periods suppressed the .attainment of necessary information for the execution of this. project.

ii.                  It is only limited with the. users that might want to travel with. NSTA Minna.


.Thefollowingaresomebasicterms..which..are.. used in this study:

i.          USER: This refers to people or travellers that can use the system.Online Road Transport Booking System only is focused to any passengers that might want to travel through NSTA Minna. “

ii.         PLATFORM: This has to do with a raised horizontal surface.Online Road Transport Booking System used Internet Web Browser as a platform.

iii.        PASSENGER NAME RECORD [PNR] : This is an exceptional record that contains individual data, for example, name, contact data, address, et cetera.

iv.        PASSENGER NAME LIST [PNL] : This is a rundown containing all the names of meaning travellers, and it is given over to the administration without further ado before they take off.

v.         ONLINE ROAD TRANSPORT BOOKING SYSTEM: This is the booking of seat through utilizing the machine on the web.

vi.        TICKET: (Usually) a printed bit of paper or card demonstrating that its holder has the right to utilize benefits on particular transportation. “


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