Design And Implementation Of An On-Line Lan Knowledge-Based System

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How is computer and other related devices actually able to send information across data communication lines.  The answer to this is the installation and maintenance of computer network.  Furthermore, installation and maintenance of computer network is the glue that holds all data in the exact form, the data is to be transfer from one place to another.  While the procedures for installation of computer methods are embodies in this project.


Computer hardware may fail, telephone line may fail and more likely, the computer software may have bugs that make the network stop working.  How does the airlines clerk sell tickets when the computer is down?  How can the pilot send a message across if the network fails?  How do you get your electronic mail, pay bills, get news, if you become dependent on computer networks that sometimes fails.  If you put a shaved database, you want to be sure that it will not disappear or be tampered with.  It you can use home computer raid your account and toil will your money?

A company that puts all its important data in line runs the risk to go out of business if that information is boss or incorrect.

Furthermore, support the owners of a saved data based want only certain people to use it one way to limit use, is to give a password to those people alone, that will have access to it and before opening the data base, the computer will ask the user to enter a password.

Password protection is not parted, though if someone finds out your password and use it, the computer will not know that such password is been used illegally by such person.

Finally, inability of the computer scientist to observe appropriate procedure in connection during installation poses treat to them, which however may lead to damage of the computer and cards.


The purpose of the study is to design a system which shall render an assistance to the computer scientist during the installation and maintenance of a compute network.  Moreover, proper installation of various components of the networks are achieved and the prevention and corrective maintenance are properly added.


The aim and objectives of the study are as follows:

1.         To minimize cost:      With maintenance, there is reduction in cost, i.e. instead of spending more money in the purchasing of new equipment, the money can be used in the maintenance of the faulty equipment.

2.         To reduce the staff:   With the introduction of the computer network (computerized) there is possibility that the number of staff will reduce.

3.         To share file and resources at a given time:-          With the computer network or files and other peripherals can be shared at any given time as printer, scanner and files.

4.         To increases output:-            With the computer network; jobs that are scheduled for 10 day can be done in 3 days and this will increase output.

5.         The overall objectives of the local area network:-  Is to connect the computer system and devices in the same geographical area.


There are different kinds of computer network system, such as Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) etc.  But this project is limited to only Local Area Network (LAN) and using about 100 workstation


In the design of this project, it was assured that the computer scientist should have been conversant with the use of computer hardware system computer network system and the computer software system

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