the role of advertising on the marketing of suitcase in enugu metropolis(a case study of jumatex suitcase enugu)

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This research topic was on the role of advertising in the sales of a new product in Enugu metropolis using maters of Jumatex suitcase

Some objectives at this studies are:-

1.       To determine the extent customer pushes action of Jumatex suitcase being included by advertising.

2.       To determine the role of advertising in increasing the profitability of the company.

3.       To determine the import of advertising in increasing the sales volume Jumatex suitcase used.

Based on this, a total of 411 questionnaire were prepared, which were administered to a population comprising relevant staff and management of the Jumatex suitcase in Enugu, and customers of the said company, Boulets formular was used for determining the sample size of the customers, which is a 400, while a census of (11) eleven of the staff/management was used.

Fine research question were formulated and validated with relevant answers in the questionnaire.

However, after a critical analysis of the data colleted through questionnaire, the following findings were made.

1.       The advert increasing the sales volume of the company.

2.       That advertising induced the customers to buy.

3.       That advertising enhances the marketing of Jumatex suitcase.

Based on this finding, the following suggestion/recommendations were made.

1.       That they should make serious effort by using other media of advertising, like television, Newspaper, and suppose more programme in T.V. and Radio.

2.       That advertisement should be made more effective to induce more people to buy by increasing its frequency.

3.       That comprehensive marketing research study been carried out on the market for suitcase and competitive strength of the competators.


title Page                                                                                          ii

Approval Page                                                                                  iii

Dedication                                                                                         iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                            vi

Table of Content                                                                               viii


1.1            Background of the Study                                                                  1

1.2            Statement of the Problems                                                      4

1.3            Objectives of the Study                                                           5

1.4            Research Question                                                                            6

1.5            Significance of the Study                                                                  7

1.6            Scope of the Study                                                                            8

1.7            Definition of Terms                                                                 9


2.0            Literature Review                                                                    10

2.1     Overview Advertising                                                             10

2.2     Types of Advertising                                                               13

2.3     Objectives of Advertising                                                        17

2.4     Advertising and Media Selection                                             24

2.5     Role of Advertising on Business                                             26

2.6     Evaluation of Advertising Effectiveness                                  29

2.7     Impact Advertising on Jumatex Suitcase                                33



Research methodology                                                                      35

3.1     Source of Data Collection                                                       35

3.2     Population of the Study                                                          36

3.3     Determination of Sample Size                                                 36

3.4     Sample Technique                                                                             37

3.5     Instrument for Data Collection                                                         38

3.6     Method of Questionnaire Administration and Distribution              38

3.7     Method of data Treatment and Analysis                                 39

3.8     Limitation of the Study                                                           40

CHAPTER FOUR                                    

4.0     Data Presentation Analysis and Interpretation                       42

4.1     Data Presentation and Analysis                                                        42

4.2     Discussion and Interpretation of Results                                50


5.0     Summary of Finding, Recommendation and Condition          52

5.1     Summary of Findings                                                              52

5.2     Recommendation                                                                     53

5.3     Conclusion                                                                              54

Bibliography                                                                                     56

Questionnaire                                                                                    58








At the heart of a management at all level of responsibility a fundamental of being able to communicates advertising I a form of external communication. Aft the cone of advertising lies the information/knowledge of how consumer respond to different strategies and how these strategies might affect the image of the organization and their product.

Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication that is transmitted to consumers through mass media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, mass transit vehicles and door displays (pride and feverall 1985:1987)

Advertising to some extent is the most visible element of promotional mix which at the same time attracts much of controversial system to it’s impact on consumer buying decision.

There is little scope for condemnation of persuasion advertising (Duncan 1974:4). It was also in support oft his fact that the president and chief executive officer of Avon product stated that advertising and position of product are almost everything (Chuks B. WILRON 1987:8).

Likewise in every normal, curve, there are people that do not see anything good about advertising except that it deceives and cheat consumers. It lies with this view that baste wrote that the major part of informative advertising is and always has been a campaign of exaggeration, half truths intended ambiguities directed lied and general deceptions.

Notwithstanding these controversies, huge amount of money are spent annually by both developing and developed countries of the world on advertising.

For instance, America, Spanish over twenty million dollars annually on advertising which amounts  to about 96 of it’s G.N.P Nigeria on the other hand as a developing country spends about 0.016 of its G.NP on advertising (Schewe D 19812:3).

It was because of the numerous benefit of advertising not just to a product but also for the economy of a country to enhance a country’s good public relations that countries invest good advertising techniques to portray good image of a country as well as its product. Those country’s balance trade through increased demand.

For a company to excel above others in the competitive marketing environment such as company market value the impact of advertising.

Manufactures and producers of good and services are now aware that advertising does not only information and persuade but can strive towards profit market making increase sales.

Jumatex Nigeria Limited markets of jurnater suitcase is an ideal incurred for so many years back, came into reality in 1993.

The company deals mainly on suitcase. The company has it head office in Lagos and the branch office in Enugu is located at Akpugo the owners of the companies are Afolabi Tony Kinsley and Emeka Okorie while the manager is Mr. Law Bekker Nwamani.

It has a staff straight 21 (twenty one). The company impact on promotional activities of which advertising is one of them.

With the sate of economy and competition in the industry it becomes imperative the Jumatex Nig. Ltd. To use advertising to better in marketing performances. In view of these the researchers take critical look of the role of advertising in the marketing of suitcase Enugu.


There are different types and brands of suitcase in the market that appeals to the same market hence competition. The marketing managers of suitcase firms are therefore faced with the problem of how to ensure adequate demand for their product in a particular market system.

They are also faced with the terms of advertising, designing and implementing the best marketing strategies towards their competitors and also how best to position their product in minds of the target audience. Besides the marketing manager is faced with the liberate problems of how to determine best media to advertise their product to achieve their communication objective, how to measure advertising effectiveness, how to determine advertising budget.

To what extent does advertising company is Jumatex helped to create awareness of them product, stimulate and arose consumer behaviour towards the companies and its product.

Answer to this and other related problems constitute the central task of this research work.

1.3            OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY     

The purpose of this study is to investigate extent to which product advertising influence the purchase Jumatex suitcase.

The other objectives are:-

1.       To examine the extent to which advertising help informing, persuading and influencing consumer buying decision of Jumatex suitcase in Enugu metropolis.

2.       To determine the influence if any sex, age, education, nationality and occupation on the use and purchase of Jumatex suitcase.

3.       To determine role of advertising in increasing profitability of the company.

4.       To determine the extent of purchase action of consumers of Jumatex Suitcase is being influenced by advertising.

5.       To determine the extent advertising has helped to increase the product awareness.

6.       To determine whether advertising leads to customer’s interest on the product.

7.       To see if advertising leads to customer’s interest on the product.

8.       To see if advertising leads to customer’s interest in their products.


i.        Does Jumatex advertising in Enugu metropolis leads to increase customer patronage?

ii.       Does Jumatex advertising in Enugu metropolis lead to increased profitability of the company?

iii.              Are consumers in Enugu metropolis aware of Jumatex suitcase through advertising?

iv.              Does advertising adopted by Jumatex generally enhance the marketing of Jumatex suitcase in Enugu metropolis?


This research work concentrate on indebt study of the advertising techniques and strategies adopted in the sale of Jumatex Suitcase.

The relevance of this research lies on the fact that it’s fruitful outcome will be very instrumental in solving the economic problem steering from non or under advertising by suitcases manufacturers.

It is therefore of the research conviction that the outcome of this investigation will also help producer of Jumatex Suitcase by focusing their attention on the impact of advertising on consumer buying decision. Also to enable the company know the techniques involves in advertising and the need to budget a reasonable amount of money for effective advertising.

The reader will find the study very valuable not only as a source of the literature review but also a base for further researchers.

The consumer will be better informed on the features of the product and equally be more useful.

The researcher will gain a lot of experience from the work, this experience will help them to write their HND project.



This research was undertaken to examine the impact of advertising in it marketing of Jumatex Suitcase in Nigeria.

However, in view of the limited resource and specific emphasis was placed on Enugu metropolis.

Nevertheless, the research that hoped that the outcome of the study will be applied to other part of the country after. Some justifiable necessary adjustments have made.


i.        Promotion: Is the marketing communication activity the attempt to inform, remind individuals and persuade them to accept resell, recommend or use a product service idea or institution.      

ii.       Marketing: It is human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process.

iii.              Advertising: Is any form of non-personal communication or identified sponsor.

iv.              Advertising Medium (Plural Media):  Is on the channel through which the advertising message is delivered to the target audience like radio, television, newspaper, magazine etc.

v.                 Brand: A name term symbol or design or a combination of them which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller of group of sellers and to differentiate them from these of competitions.

vi.              Respondent: Person answering or supplying answers to research questions.

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