effectiveness of personal selling in the marketing of capital goods(a case study of anambra motor manufacturing company anammco)

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This study focused on the effectiveness of personal selling in the marketing of capital goods. It goes on to explain some processes involved in personal selling and how it can be combined to achieve efficiency. Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company was the company used in this study, its staff were studied as well as their business consumer in other to determine the effectiveness of personal selling in the marketing of their products. The main purpose was to find out among their things the following.
– Effectiveness of personal selling in the creation of awareness
– The impact of personal selling on repeat purchase
– How ANAMMCO Product demonstration awakens the customers interest.
– To know if ANAMMCO’s customer’s patronage is high or low in relation to personal selling
– To know if ANAMMCO’s ration of sales expenses to sales volume is high or low.
– To study the performance of ANAMMCO sales person and how their performance affects the company’s profit.
The populations of the study were from the management/staff of ANAMMCO and their business consumer in Enugu metropolis.
Topman’s formula was used to determine the sample size since it was not possible to study the entire population in Enugu metropolis.
Questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. These data were carefully analyzed and interpreted using tables which chi-square statistics were used to test the four hypotheses formulated.
Based on the analysis, the following findings were made.
– That ANAMMCO sales persons are performing well in creating awareness for their products.
– That the sales person are also not lagging behind in getting the interest of the prospects
– That the company is operating at a good profit margin but has not actually measured up to the expected level.
– That the customers patronage level needs to be improved
– Inadequate motivation of sales force
Based these findings, the reasonable recommended ways with which to solve some of the problems encountered by the company. Such as mapping out the following strategies to improve customers patronage.
– Provide additional product information and suggestions for product care and maintenance though brochures or advertising.
– Ensure good services and immediate follow up on complaints to provide post-punch have support.
– Follow up after the purchase with direct contacts to make the customers understand how to use the products and to ensure satisfaction.
– Increase the level of customer involvement with their brand by increasing the importance of a product attribute
It is strongly believed that if the above measures are taken, the company will be placed on the track of efficiency.
Cover Page
Table Of ContentChapter One
1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study
1.2 Statement Of The Problem
1.3 Objectives Of The Study
1.4 Formulation Of Hypotheses
1.5 Significance Of The Study
1.6 Scope Of The Study
1.7 Definition Of Terms

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

2.1 An Overview Of Personal Selling
2.2 An Overview Of Personal Selling Process
2.3 Objectives Of Personal Selling
2.4 Types Of Personal Selling
2.5 Evaluation Of Personal Selling
2.6 An Overview Of Capital Goods
2.7 The Effective Of Personal Selling In The Marketing Of Capital Goods
2.8 The Effectiveness Of Personal Selling In The Marketing Of Anammco Products

Chapter Three
3.0 Research Methodology

3.1 Sources Of Data
3.2 Population Of The Study
3.3 Sample Size
3.4 Sample Technique
3.5 Method Of Data Collection
3.6 Method Of Distributing Questionnaire
3.7 Structuring The Instruments
3.8 Method Of Data Analysis & Interpretation
3.9 Limitation Of Study

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation, Analysis And Interpretation Of Data

4.1 Data Analysis And Interpretation
4.2 Testing Of Hypotheses

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary Of Findings, Recommendations And Conclusion

5.1 Summary Of Findings
5.2 Recommendations
5.3 Conclusion
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