consumer brand preference in the purchase of beverage in enugu metropolis

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The research was on Consumer Brand Preference in the purchase of Beverage in Enugu Metropolis.

The objective of the study or research was:

i.                    To find out why the foreign processed brand is preferred and the problems militating against it.

ii.                  To ascertain why the less privilege go for the locally processed brands.

iii.                To find out why people trade on the foreign brands in spite 0of the low prices of the local beverage.

iv.                To find out the factors responsible for the poor processing of beverage by the local processors.

v.                  To find the possible situation on how to bridge the purchasing gap between the locally processed beverage and the foreign processed brand of beverage.


Having collected, arranged and analyzed the data, we are now left with the issue of summarizing the findings based on the various interviews conducted.

The study shows that the consumer  is affected by various variables which gives rise to brand preference; examples are behavioral determinant, price of product, and culture and brand availability of product.

The study shows that the producers of the local beverage have identifies that their brand are not up to standard when compared with f0oreign beverage and this is due to the fact that they are not adequately funded.  Most of the respondents on the other hand indicated that the producers are being mythical in their production and packaging by adding stones and creating an unpleasant taste for their products.  This shows how myopic the producers are about their market share.,  the producers have not realized that they are in the business of providing for a large market and the foreign producers who are also their competitors are providing these same products.

The findings also revealed that the producers do not advertise.  This may be due to the fact that they have to protect the image of their company and attract more consumers.  The producers should understand that advertising helps to build a strong demand for their product and that the building of brand recognition are accomplished when the product is finally accepted.

It was also learnt that the producers believe that their problem is finance which has resulted in their small scale of production and poor production but they forget that people are ready to pay more for better products provided their needs are satisfied.  With these, their unethical practices should be stopped and at least make do with their present capital wisely.

The finding also reveal that the producers are not aware of the importance of market research, they revealed that their inability to carry out the research was due limited resources available to them.

The finding shows that price gives, rise to brand preference.  The information, from the data show that so much is left to be expected from the producers of local beverage.  There is hope that this situation may change in the future.  The producers should apply measures of refinement to satisfy consumers needs in order to survive their bleak future.

Producers therefore must be must be customer oriented to succeed.  This concept places the consumers of beverage at the center of organizational planning to satisfy their needs and wants.  As greater turnovers create high profit.



1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the study

1.3              Purpose of the study

1.4              Scope of the study

1.5              Significance of the study

1.6              Research questions

1.7              Definitions of terms


2.1              Review of related literature

2.2              The definition and concept of branding

2.3              The significance of branding

2.4              Reasons for effective brand preference

2.5              Consumer behaviour in relation to brand

2.6              Preference consumer modeling


Research Methodology

3.1       Sources of data

3.2       Population of the study

3.3       Sample side determination

3.4       Analysis and interpretation of findings


4.1              Summary of finding

4.2              Conclusion

4.3              Recommendation






            This study is more concern on the CONSUMER BRAND PREFERENCE IN THE PURCHASE OF BEVERAGES IN ENUGU METROPOLIS.  Rightly, from the time immemorial, there had been several cases of the purchase of different brand of beverages consumption either domestically or for commenced purpose.

Consumer brand preference in the purchase of beverage is simply the procurrent of different brand of beverages in the relation to their choices in the highest order.

Based on the study we shall focus on the various brands of beverage purchased by consumers which are divided into two groups:-

The locally processed and foreign processed ones:

Conversely, under the locally processed ones.  We have the popularly known Lulu Juice, Soya milk, Zobo drink and some of the foreign beverage, coca cola soft drink, Heineken beer, Eva wine most importantly, the manners in which consumers behave towards the purchase of these aforementioned brands determine their taste, which is backed-p by their level of income.  With this, one may ask why do sellers prefer to brand their products and the meaning of branding.  Branding is the name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of ones sellers or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those competitors.

Today, branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded.  Beverage is branded with separate brand names from the producer for the following reasons:  Brand name makes it easier for the seller to process order and track down problems.  Furthermore, the seller finds it easier to trace the order if it is missed or to determine why the beverages was rancid if consumers complain.  The brand name gives the seller the opportuni9ty to attract a loyal and profitable set of consumers.  This create brand loyalty to sellers thereby ensuring protection from competition and greater control in planning their marketing mix.  It also makes it possible for a company to create a preferential demand for their products in a class of products.

With these one can see that beverages distributors want brand names as a means of making their product easier to handle, identifying suppliers holding production to certain quality standards and increasing buying preference.  And consumers want brand names to help them identify quality difference and shop more efficiently.

Looking at the purchasing of the brand of beverage; most consumers that belong to the peasant group always go for the locally processed beverage because they fill it is the cheapest brand that money can buy.


Majority of the consumers of beverage in Enugu Metropolis go for the locally processed beverage because it has been recently find out by researchers that the locally processed beverage e.g. Soya milk contain high protein which is very good for the body system and contains low sugar substance than the foreign beverage e.g. cocoa.  Also doctors recommend the locally beverage to people that are lacking vitamin and cant buy those expenses drugs or vitamins table of beverage over another thereby given rise to prior choice.

BRAND – A name of trademark used to identify a product.

CONSUMERS – One who uses economic goods or services.

UNETHICAL PRACTICES – The application of ethics and unsound business practices and an unconscious actions.

BRIDGE THE PURCHASE – Effort aimed at Channeling ideas properly towards.


This research puts us in a position to rectify why the locally processed brand is preferred and the problems militating against it:

i.                    To ascertain why the less un-enlighten goes for the foreign processed brands

ii.                  To find out why people trade on the foreign brands in spite of the low prices of the local beverage.

iii.                To find out the factors responsible for poor processing of beverage by this local processors.

iv.                To find out possible solutions on how to bridge the purchasing gap between the locally processed beverage and the foreign processed rand of beverage.


            Over the years there has been inequality in the consumer brand preference in the purchase of beverage.  This study shall enable use to sort out the factors responsible for this trend.

So, the study will be great benefit to the marketers, processors and in particular the consumers.

Finally, it is hoped that thus research work will be helpful to new processors an sellers so that they might know the reigning brand and how to improve on the low grade ones.  So as to bridge the inequality gap among various brand.

Sometimes, the producers usually maximize profit by adding more water to the beverage, which is an unethical practice.  Then back to the exotic brands the reverse is the case and most consumers go for these brands because they fell its more hygienic compare to the locally made product due to the level of civilization both the poor and rich go for the foreign beverage.

Now, in Enugu metropolis, the purchase of foreign beverage has risen tremendously because one can seldom find locally sell it most in the campus.  And we are posed with the issue of the variable that affect the low consumption of locally processed beverage in Enugu metropolis.


i.                    Which brand of beverage is mostly preferred by consumer in Enugu Metropolis?

ii.                  What factors do consumers of beverage consider when buying a particular brand?

iii.                Does brand name influence or determine brand preference of beverage?

iv.                Does personality affect the brand preference of beverage?

v.                  What can be alone to improve the quality or test of the locally processed beverage?


Preference – the choice of one brand.

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