Bibliographic Information On Corruption In Nigeria Political System (2009-2013)

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Political party corruption in Nigeria is reportedly word spread and surveys indicate that it is very hard to do business in Nigeria without having to –pay facilitation payment to public officials. Companies should write that property rights, contracts and commercial dispute can be difficult to enforce and settle in Nigeria inefficiency and under-staffing.

Tax administration lacks transparency that has leads either to high levels of tax evasion or tax officials demanding babes in return for lower tax rates. The police are perceived to be one of the most corrupt institution in Nigeria, and x squad, the disciplinary body responsible for investigating corruption inside the police in reportedly corrupt themselves as well.

In Nigeria, a political environment that excludes favors towards elicits or wealthy citizen may also be resort to sleaze in order to gain power and protect their interest. However the bottom line surmised from the view of most Nigerians is that corruption is a problem that has to be rooted out.

My profound gratitude to God Almighty for his faithfulness in all ramification. I wish to express my profound gratitude to my HOD Mrs. Ezemba who despite her tight schedule found time to give me this protect work to write, and also my gratitude to my supervisor Revd. Nwajei .M.N.D. for making necessary corrections and contribution.

My special thanks goes to my parent who brought me up in the way of the lord for their prayers, encouragement and financial support, may God keep and bless them.

I sincerely appreciate all my friends especially Henry who contributed is knowledge and time to the success of this work, and to everyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to the success of this complication. I love you all and may the lord in his infinite blessing bless you all.



Political corruption is not a recent phenomenon that per4vades the Nigerian state. Since the creation of modern public administration in the country, there have been cases of official mosuse of resource for personal enrichment.

Nigeria ranked 139th out of 176 countries in Transparency international. The rise of public administration and the discovery of petroleum and natural gas are two major events seen to have led to a litary of ignoble corrupt practices in the country. Over the years, the country has seen if wealth withered with little for show in living condition of the average human being.

The pervasive corruption has been blamed on colonialism, according to this view; the nation colonial history may have restricted any early influence in an ethical revolution. Throughout   the colonel; period, most Nigerians were stuck in ignorance and poverty. The trapping of flash cars, houses and success of the colonist as symbols of success and to emulate the colonial.

This view is what has degenerated for into the more recent disregarded for public property and lack of public trust and concern for public goods as a collection.









TITLE PAGE                                                            i

APPROVAL PAGE                                                    ii

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TABLE OF CONTENT                                              ix

BIBLIOGRAPHIC ENTRIES                                     1

AUTHOR INDEX                                                     4

CHRONOLOGICAL INDEX                                     5

SOURCE INDEX                                                     6




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AUTHOR                                   INDEX

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Abiola, Bashorum                           4

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2012                –       8 9

2013                –       19 20

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