Modern Office Equipment Used By Office Managers In The Private Sector Establishment With Implication On Secretarial Training

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This research work was carried out to determine the office equipment used by managers in the private sectors establishment with implications on secretarial training.  In the world today, various office equipment has been invented for effective performance of managers in various offices.  It is well understood that without the use of office equipment such as computer, communication equipment, reprographic equipment and compugraphic equipment, it would have been cumbersome and indeed unattainable to carrying out office functions.  The above office equipment is highly needed in various offices since information is the main existence of any business organization and government establishment. Therefore, without managers been trained on how to manipulate these office equipment the smoothness of office work is not assured.  Based on this office managers are required to have the knowledge of these office equipments, as they are the most important individuals who make the will of private sectors and government establishment to turn.  keywords: Modern Office, Office Managers, modern office equipment, Private Sector, Private Sector Establishment, Secretarial Training

Finally, the research work will create way on the new modern office equipment used by private sectors and enhance the skills of managerial profession.



Title Page—————————————–   i

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Introduction—————————————  1

Background of the study————————- 1

Statement of the problem———————–  5

Purpose of the study—————————–  7

Research questions——————————-  7

Significant of the study————————— 8

Scope of the Study——————————-  9


Literature Review———————————  10

Summary of related literature review———– 26


Research Methodology—————————  28

Research design———————————-  28

Area of study————————————-   28

population of the study————————–     28

Sample and sampling techniques—————     29

Instrument for data collection——————-     29

Method of analysis——————————–    29


Presentation of data analysis——————— 30

Responds on research question     1————-        31

Responds on research question      2————        33

Responds on research question      3————        35

Discussion of the findings————————  36


Summary of the Findings————————–        40

Conclusion—————————————— 45

Recommendations——————————— 46

Implication——————————————        48

Limitations of the study—————————-        49

Suggestions for further Research—————- 50

References————————————–     –       51

Appendix—————————————-  –      54





        The major activities of Office are receiving of information, and its responsibility is that of clearing of house, receiving and sending out information, processing, storing of facts of various forms, (Stonwell, 1976).  Secretarial functions centers mostly on receiving, processing, distributing, and communication, which is the main existence of private sectors establishment in this age of technological development.

This project is carried out to determined or discuss on Modern Office equipment used by office Managers in the private sectors establishment, with implication on secretarial training.  Modern Office equipment simply refers to those tools used in carrying out office work which without would have been cumbersome and indeed unattainable. (Nwosu, 1989).  There is no doubt to discover that a private sector has gone positive changes on different types of modern office equipment.  Modern office equipment required for the training of secretaries has contributed to the betterment of education and workers has been well trained and also acquired more knowledge and skills as a result of various modern office equipment.  The introduction of modern office equipment has to go a large extent to revolutionized every aspect of secretarial training, Office Managers should be well equipped, trained and re-trained on how to make use of modern office equipment so that they will be able to operate and manipulate it, while performing their vast pressing office functions.  The office managers are expected to posses the new skills in handling the technological automation this makes it therefore necessary to have professionally skilled efficient and competent secretaries, which enhance to realize the objective of private sectors establishment. In a study by (Ighinoba, 2000), it was set apart from technical skills of shorthand and typewriting, office Managers are required to be computer literate and proficient in number of word processing, spread sheet and desktop, publishing software including sending and receiving electronics mails, E-mail and browsing world wide web.  Telephone, Cellular mobile and secretarial set has also transformed the role of conventional techniques of shorthand transcription to use of computer to do word processing.  The memory of computer and other office equipment allows for extensive storage and fast retrieval of information also modification of tax on computer.  Office Managers who understand tax processing computer and data communication usually has vital role and gives curtail functions.  The private sectors establishment has undergone various changes because of the aid of technological development.  (Sanderson, 1983), opened that office equipment is said to be integral part of daily live of many people in Nigeria today, It is widely used by industries, especially the sophisticated devices.  Computer literacy is one of the basic skills expected of office managers while undergoing training for their survival, because they have greater challenges of the of the all as they are the centre of information management, since their executives often rely on them to provide comprehensive, accuracy and up to date information promptly to enable their boss to arrive at the quality management decision making.

Therefore, office managers should be well trained with various office equipment and computer literacy; this should not be over emphasized, for managers to function very well, he/she needs to be  able to operate and proper programme and even transmit  tax over telephone lines, by so doing adding more value  to his qualification.

(Okeye, 1992), postulated that it was observed that installation of these relevant facilities should be considered as an instructional tools needed for training excellent and professional managers.



It has been observed that training institutions do not expose trainee- managers to the sort of experience similar to what is available in private sectors establishment.

          (Oborgu, 1999), Stated that the problem could be teachers of trainee managers hove not been able to grasp all that is needed to their dream.

Furthermore, the policy makers and Government does not want to equip the teachers all they need to train managers.  (Njoku, 2000), viewed that trainee-managers ought to have hands on the type of equipment which they automatically have to work with after graduation.  Part of the problem could be lack of knowledge follow up regarding changes on office equipment.  The problem of the study is therefore to survey the private sectors establishment in Owerri Imo state and generate empirical date on the type of office equipment they are using with implication on managers training.


The main purpose of the study is to investigate into the type of modern office equipment used by office manage in private sectors establishment specifically, the study will achieve the following objectives.

  1. To identify modern office equipment used by managers in private sectors establishment.
  2. To identify modern communication equipment used by managers in private sectors establishment.
  3. To ascertain if the managers know how to operate modern office equipment.


In studying office equipment used by office managers in private sectors establishment in Owerri, the following research questions were generated.

  1. What are the modern office equipment used by office managers in private sectors establishment?
  2. What types of modern communication equipment are used in private sectors establishment?
  3. Can managers in private establishment operate this modern equipment?


There has not been serious attempt made so far to ascertain the level of office equipment used by office managers in private sectors establishment in terms of adequate functional.  The finding of this study will be of beneficial to private sectors by exposing the potentialities on them.  The finding will in addition enlighten the office managers on demand of private offices and industries, also their expectations in term of excellent office skills and performance.  It will also be of beneficial to training institution that produce office managers as the finding will enable them to evaluate their school curriculum and   up date their facilities.


The study is limited on scope of availability of office equipment, communication equipment, the possibility of its operation by office managers, importance and adequate of this equipment in private sectors establishment in Owerri He review will be on Journal, Textbooks, Articles and write related literature review on the Imo State.

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