How to choose an environmentally-friendly modular house

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The new trend these days on the real estate market is represented by the modular homes that are more environmentally-friendly than regular ones. 

These new modular homes present big flexibility which makes them highly desirable by many real estate customers. Beside flexibility, modular homes have an aesthetic appearance, and they require a small maintenance service all year long. Nowadays, green living enthusiasts are very interested in any safety measures that can be taken by them in order to improve the quality of the environment.
Being made from wood or steel frames these modular homes have a minimum impact on the environment even if they can provide a wide range of services.

For some modular homes the builders use wood frames because they are easy to assemble due to the fact that wood is very malleable for any type of construction. In addition we know that the wood has a recycling rate around 65% so it is great to use for green homes.

Nowadays, because the wood became pretty expensive, many modular house builders have used steel frames due to the fact that these are very flexible and strong and the same as the wood, steel has a recycling rate of around 63% so it is very suitable for environmentally-friendly houses.

Okay, wood might be very expensive at this time, but the modular house builders have continued the use of wood frames besides steel frames because they wanted to keep the same principles like in the past.

Builders need more energy when use the steel frames because steel and wood do not behave the same when high heat is used. When using steel frames the building process requires additional used to cool down the steel because metal always transfers heat much better than wood. However, steel being so flexible, durable, more resistant to earthquakes and fire, is a very good choice for this type of building projects. Wood instead is more natural, but has some drawbacks given by fire and insects or even pests that can harm your building frames very easily.

Regarding the time required to build these houses, a steel based one require much less time because the steel comes in prefabricated forms which can be easily assembled together much faster than wood frames.

By using steel, any special model or form for these houses can be created very easily by selecting the specific steel frames. If wood is used, this one will need more processes for preparation especially when specific design or form is required.

For these modular buildings, any wood frames used will require more time and money because woodworking is pretty expensive.

Is not important what type of frames you choose for your modular house, you can choose either wood or steel. Lately, there are many possibilities to find the most suitable home for you, a house that is able to cover all your design requirements, desire for flexibility and in the same time to be c.

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