Causes And Remedies To Job Dissatisfaction Among Secretaries In Selected Private And Government Establishments

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Title page                                                              i

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Chapter one

  • Introduction 1
    • Background of the study
    • Statement of the problems 4
    • Purpose pf the study 5
    • Research questions 6
    • Significance of the study 6
    • Scope of the study 7

Chapter two

  • Review of related literature 8-18

Chapter three

  • Research methodology 20
    • Design of the study 20
    • Area of the study 20
    • Population of the study 21
    • Sample/sampling techniques 21
    • instrument for data collection 21
    • Method of data collection 23
    • Method of data analysis 23
    • Decision rule 24

Chapter four

  • Presentation and analysis of data 25
    • Research question 1 25
    • Research question 2 28
    • Research question 3 29
    • Research question 4 31
    • Research question 5 32
    • Discussion of findings 34

Chapter five

  • Summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations 37
    • Restatement of the problems 37
    • Summary of findings 38
    • Conclusion 40
    • Recommendations 41
    • limitation of the study 42
    • Implication for further research 43
    • Suggestion for further research 44

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This research work was deigned to find out the causes and remedies to job dissatisfaction among secretaries in selected private and government establishments in Imo state. Seventy (70) of the secretaries were used as the sample of the study. The instrument for data collection used was the questionnaire, which consists of 5 research questions. The result of the study showed that job dissatisfaction emanated from secretary’s job relationship and environment and have a lot of effects to secretaries but could be managed when a clear job descriptions and definition are made. Conclusions were based on the result of the findings while recommendations were proffered based on the conclusions drawn from the findings.


1.0                              INTRODUCTION

1.1   Background of the Study

In every organization, different categories of workers are employed to perform tasks in order to achieve the objectives of the organization. The employers are therefore assume that each person has a definite responsibility so as to get the best from each worker.

Ohadinma and Nkwam (2000) states that, there are various reasons why people work; to earn respect among associates, to earn salaries and wages, to acquire prestige and honour, to achieve excellence in chosen a career, to socialize with others and to dominate. What a variety of reason but culture is indeed a determining factor.

Often, what makes the difference between healthy and sick organizations are known for operating with highly motivated and satisfied workers while sick ones are filled with poorly motivated and dissatisfied workers.

Howel and Dipboye (1982) are of a view that workers satisfaction heavily depends on the organization’s ability to discover, sustain and meet worker’s needs. Productivity also, to a large extent, is influenced by the level of worker’s satisfaction. Hence the role of worker’s motivation in productivity and worker’s satisfaction can never be played down. In some establishment, the role of some secretaries is not defined. This lack of definition of the role is the single most significant predictor of mental ill-health and job dissatisfaction among secretaries together with limited career prospects.

Njoku, Ohiri, Nwosu, Iwuoha, Njoku, Ohakwe (2000) quoting the international Association Of Administration professional, USA (1981) which defined a secretary as an assistant to the executive possessing mastering of office skills and the ability to assume responsibility without close supervision and makes decision within the scope of her authority. Some bosses do not know that the secretary, apart from possessing skill in typing and shorthand, is also knowledgeable in management and organizational techniques. This implies that the roles or functions of the secretary go beyond the typing of documents and writing shorthand.

Okereke (2003) stated that, many boss today do not realize that the secretarial service go a long way in helping them perform their duties, they  feel that they can work effectively without the secretary. This brings about anxiety and dissatisfaction to some secretaries; hence they would want to change to other professions. Therefore, a secretary is supposed to be provided with an atmosphere that would encourage and stimulate maximum efficiency and satisfaction. The average secretaries will be happy to have their area of responsibilities and authorities clearly and well defined. But in a situation where responsibilities and authorities overlapped because of lack of proper definitions, it creates unnecessary conflicts, stress and dissatisfaction which retard productivity in any establishment.

  • Statements of the Problem

The secretary is the image maker of an organization. A secretary being the heart of an organization is supposed to be provided with good working environment which will stimulate maximum efficiency and job satisfaction but because of high competition nature of the job, most professional secretaries find themselves in an establishment that has low operating system which is not in a position to provide them with an atmosphere that would stimulate maximum efficiency and job satisfactions thereby creating a problem for them.

Some bosses in most business establishment take undue advantage of the secretaries by reducing them to some menial jobs which they are not meant for; in addition there will be frustration because they are made to stagnate indefinitely on a particular low level grade. Secretaries also became frustrated when some executive force works down on secretaries even when they know that the relevant materials and facilities were not available.

Many secretaries lack different adequate languages and this do not help them in putting in their best. It is on these problems that this project work intends to address itself.

  • Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to determine the causes and remedies to job dissatisfaction among secretaries in selected private and government establishments in Imo state.

This study will attempt to:

  1. determine the concept of dissatisfaction
  2. Identify those facilities secretaries lack in the organization.
  3. Determine the uncomfortable environments where secretaries are kept in some organizations.
  4. Identify various menial jobs which secretaries are reduced to undertake by their bosses.
  5. Identify those adequate languages secretaries lack that limit their jobs in the offices.
  • Research Questions

In order to achieve the purpose of this project study, the following research questions were designed:

  1. What is the concept of dissatisfaction?
  2. What are those modern office facilities secretaries lacks in the organization?
  3. What are the effects of uncomfortable environments where secretaries are kept in some organizations?
  4. What are those menial jobs which secretaries are reduced too undertake by their boss?
  5. What are those adequate languages secretaries lack that limit their jobs in the offices?
  • Significance of the Study

This project work will help the secretaries in recognizing the problems affecting their profession in the business establishments. The highlights on the causes of these problems will make sure that corrective measure may be taken to arrest the situation. It will further serve as a guide to bosses oh how to make a maximum utilization of their secretaries for efficient performance of their duties.

It will also serve as a guide to many firms on providing ways of motivating their secretaries by providing necessary modern facilities in order to get the best from them. It will also help the employers of labour to know the kind of atmosphere that would encourage and stimulated maximum efficiency and satisfaction to secretaries.

  • Scope of the Study

This study is conducted in the selected private and government establishments in Imo state on the causes and remedies to job dissatisfaction among secretaries.

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