A Study Of The Roles Of Secretaries In Office Administration And Management

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This work has been designed to look at the various roles played by secretaries in office administration and management and carefully investigate the works and its challenges to these secretaries in their endeavor which they encountered while rendering their duties. The need for the study has arisen from the recognition of the important role secretaries play in an organization especially in administration and management. The research study is divided into five sections. Chapter one has the introduction, which introduces the subject matter. It also contains the background of the study where the researcher unveiled the roles office managers played in effective record management. This is followed by the statement of the problems where the researcher enumerated the problems the office manager observes that impale her to embark on this research work. It also has the objectives of the study, research questions, significance and scope of the study. Chapter two contains all related literatures of different authors who have written on the subject matter. Chapter three emphases on the research methodology. The research method adapted is survey research. Data was obtained through the use of questionnaire and oral interview. In chapter four, the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data was formulated. Chapter five has the summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion.



Title page                                                                         i

Approval page                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                            iv

Abstract                                                                           v

Table of content                                                               vi


Introduction                                                                     1

Background of the study                                                  1

Statement of the problem                                        5

Research question                                                           7

Significance of study                                                        8

Scope of study                                                                 10


Review of related literature                                              11-28



Research design and methodology                                   29

Research design                                                               30

Area of study                                                                    30

Population of study                                                          31

Sample/sampling techniques                                          33

Method of data collection                                                 33

Instrument for data instrument                                       34

Method of data analysis                                                   35


Data presentation and analysis                                       36

Discussion on findings                                                    41


Summary/conclusion/recommendations                               45

Summary of findings                                                      45

Conclusion                                                                     47

Recommendation                                                             48

REFERENCE                                                                   50

APPENDIX                                                                       52

APPENDIX II                                                                    53




Background of the Study

     As information and communication technology (ICT) continue to expand in the office across the nation, the world of business equally changes rapidly and the roles of secretaries in the office administration and management has greatly evolved (development). Office automation and organizational restricting have led secretaries to assume a wide range of new responsibilities ones and reserved for managerial and professional staff. Secretaries need to be provided with training and orientation, conduct research on internet or else where and learn how to operate new office technologies this will really help the secretaries to know their roles in the modern offices today because some establishment have acquired and installed some modern communication equipment.

Generally, office no doubt makes an important contribution to economic and social life of any nation or society. Hence, any complex industrial society would rapidly come to a standstill if the office is not there. Every efficient organization must provides its management with efficient and sufficient information, planning control and financial science.

It is limit to expenditure on administration if everyone were to be engaged in office work, there would be imbalance between the productive activities and administration. The correct balance must be stuck between the resources devoted to directly and to productive activities so as sustain rapid economic development in the country.

Little Mill standing Ford and Appleby (1986) remarked that administration is that part of the management process concerned with the institution and carrying of procedures by which the programme is held down and communicated. The progress of activities are equally regulated and checked against target and plans. Essentially the purpose of the office is to provide service of communication and this can be amplified under five heading which as follows:

-Receiving information

-Recording information

-Giving information

-Arranging information

-Safe-guarding of assets office can make only these vital contributions if there are efficient services by the general management department manager (i.e. production manager, the market manager, and the secretary). Today office is becoming such complex place and demanding that the executive finds it difficult to cope with the recent task on the whole secretaries are part and parcel of the executives and so are very indispensable.

Briefly, secretary is the person who assists the executives by displaying expert skills (initiative tact, judgement and some other duties) in performing her office function or duties without close supervision by any executive. Thus she should posses the abilities to relieve the executives of designated administration detail when the need arises.

Therefore, the roles of secretaries in the office administration and management to a large extent, depends on the type of office he or she works. The secretary must especially deal with the boss staff, visitors and all paper works. This study is designed to identify and analyze the roles of secretariats, Imo State and Ministry of finance, Enugu as the reference point.

Statement of the problem

     Secretaries play multiple roles in every organization. They are the life wire of establishment or business outfit. By virtue of their position and the performance of their job, there exists some imminent problem. Such problems are likely to influence the roles of secretaries. Below are the problems:

  1. Lack of respect and recognition to secretaries from employers of labour who looks down on secretarial administration and regard those who practice it as never-do-well.
  2. Inadequate modern equipment used by secretaries hinders efficiency and effectiveness of their job.
  3. Secretaries are not opportune to use or manipulate the required equipment necessary for their profession thereby making them not fit for their profession.
  4. Secretaries are regarded as junior staff who posses no much qualification.
  5. Secretaries are always regarded as a professional servant to the executives.

Some bosses uses their secretaries as escape goat and dehumanize them before their visitors because such boss sees the secretaries as supporting staff who he or she believes can not stand on their own.

Objectives of the study or purpose of the study

First, the main purpose of this study is to identify the roles of secretaries in office administration and management specially the study intends to:

  1. Find out the roles of secretaries in office administration and
  2. Find out if modern facilities needed by secretaries in organization adequate.
  3. Finding out or determine the factor militating against the performance of their roles in their organizations or firms.
  4. Ascertain the role played by government in uplifting the state of secretaries in their place of work or employ.

Research Questions

The following research questions were postulated to guide the study:

  1. What are the roles of secretaries in office administration and management?
  2. To what extent are the facilities needed by the secretaries in the organization adequate for job performance?
  3. What are the factors militating against the effective performance of the secretaries functions in any organization or firm?
  4. To what extent has government at various tiers succeeded in uplifting the states of secretaries in the employ?
  5. To what extent have secretaries been remunerated (paid) for their works and roles in their various organizations

Significance of the Study

It is only when the result of any research is effectively used that the time and resources invested on it can be justified, thus the result of the study would be of great important for effective discharge of secretaries functions in all the office of ministry of finance. At least the secretaries would be recognized hence the role of office administration and management is a crucial issue as no organization can function without a properly managed office.                             The result would extent to the public services and business houses all over the nations as the roles of secretary would be adequately known and discharge. This study would equally be of immense benefit to some students who wishes to take secretarial administration as a profession or discipline in the university.

It is hoped that the result of the research would educate and enlighten the result of this research who a secretary is and the importance of being a secretary as a profession. Same way it will educate the secretary in understanding more about his or her profession and roles as a secretary. Secretaries ate public servants so they have to accept whatever that come their way bears its results, abusement from higher staff.

Scope of the Study

     The study focuses or delved into the roles of secretaries in office administration and management. It also focuses mainly on the ministry of finance, Enugu and the roles of secretaries in Federal secretariat, Imo State.

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