The Role Of Africa Independent Television In Promoting Popular Culture Among Youths In Kaduna Metropolis

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1.1       Background of the Study

In view of growing numbers of involuntary unemployed youth, governments need to apply appropriate strategies to promote the work culture among their peoples especially using national and mass media. National media and presses are expected to emphasize on the promotion of work culture, especially among the young generation so that the countries’ industries not become dependent on the migratory labor. This mission could particularly be performed by the television as the most public media. Also, the Association of American University Presses believes that the most effective way that presses can recruit and retain individuals representing the widest variety of backgrounds and experiences is by having as open and as supportive an environment as possible. Organizations use all sorts of tools to represent their goals and ambitions. Simulations of simulations and representations of the simulated are used for organizational sense making. Scenarios are representations of business goals; business goals which are used to reorganize and structure the next generation of scenarios. But some things simulated and others not, or is it simulation “all the way down”? Managing occurs by representing goals via all kinds of media; media that are involved in spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and diagrams of goals, visions and strategies. Not only physical media, like telephones or computers, but also theoretical imaginaries abound (Boeschoten,20).

In a complex interplay of significations, participants take part in processes of representation. But the role of the intermediaries or the media is little recognized. Media seem to play a neutral role within the process of signification, as if true values or meanings hide behind the representations. But on a closer look, one can see that media shape the understanding of organization (Lever, 19).

This study has tried to review the role of national media in promoting the work culture among its audiences and in this respect; television is particularly dealt with as the most public national media.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

Most Television stations in Nigeria are basically set up to promote the numerous Nigerian cultural value. But inspite of this, most stations in Nigeria show too much western programs thereby promoting western culture as against Nigeria culture which they are originally set up to promote. This constraint has hinder the transfer of Nigerian cultural heritage to the younger generation. It is against this background, that the researcher consider the subject matter of this research as an empirical problem worthy of investigation.

1.3       Aim Objectives of the Study

The aim of this study is to examine the role of AIT in promoting youth popular culture in Kaduna metropolis. The specific objectives are to:

i)                    Assess the role of AIT in repackaging Africa’s rich cultural Heritage to attract youths.

ii)                  Determine the contribution of AIT in enhancing Nigeria values among youths.

iii)                Appraise the role of AIT in promoting popular trend among youths.

1.4       Research Questions

i)          What are the significant technical elements that are essential towards reinforcing Nigeria cultural value in AIT?

ii)         What role does AIT play in repackaging Africa’s rich cultural Heritage to attract youths?

iii)        What are the contributions of AIT in enhancing Nigeria values among youths?

iv)                How does AIT promote popular trend among youths?

v)                  What are the significant technical elements that are essential towards reinforcing Nigeria cultural value in AIT?

1.5       Significance of the Study

The study will be beneficial to African Independent Television as well as other TV station especially as they utilize the finding of this study as a basis to promote popular Nigerian culture among youths.

The study will also contribute to the existing knowledge on television and culture in Nigeria.

It is also worthy to note that the study can be use as a basis for further research, as the research can be use as a spring board for further research as well as a good reference material to students undertaking similar research.

1.6       Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study covers an empirical examination examine the role of AIT  in promoting youth popular culture in Kaduna metropolis as well as to assess the role of AIT in repackaging Africa’s rich cultural

Heritage to attract youths and to Determine the contribution of AIT in enhancing Nigeria values among youths. The study covers a time from 2006 – 2011.

The study is limited to AIT, it will be difficult to generalize the findings to other TV stations.

For the fact that a survey study was used as the research design as well as the questionnaire as the research instrument, it is not certain if the same result would be obtained if other designs and instruments were used. Besides, another limitation is that the respondents could have either over exaggerated or understate their responses while scoring the items in the questionnaire. Also the nonchalant attitude of some of the respondents could affect the validity of their response to the questionnaire. This limitation should be taking cognizance of other researches conducting similar studies.

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