The impact of advertising on the marketing of global system for mobile (gsm) communication in enugu state:

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1.1     For proper elucidation and understanding of this discourse, it is of paramount importance to trace the history/origin of the research topic in accordance with the saying “that anything, man or nation without  a history is equally without a future” can be most applicable in this write up or research.

Having established this promise I shall proceed to trace the history of advertising globally and zero it  to Nigeria, industrialism but an ancient practices that  goes back to the very beginning of recorded history.

According to Okoro N.(2000) The diggings of archacologist in the countries rimming the Mediterranean  sea have turned up evidence of the use of signs to announce various events and offers.  The Romans painted walls to announce forthcoming gladiatorial contests and Phoenicians painted morals on prominent rocks along trade routes extolling the wares they sold, a precursor of modern outdoor advertising.”

In Pompeii, a wall has been found praising a  politician and asking for the people’s votes as  far back as 1317.  another early  form of advertising was the use of town criers.  In Greece during the Golden Age, town criers were paid to circulate  through the streets  of Antheris announcing the sales of stores, Cattle and other goods as well as making public announcements.  An early singing commercials used in ancient Author went as follows” for eyes that shining for  checks  like the dawn/beauty that last after  girlhood  is  gone  /for prices in reason, the  woman who knows will buy who knows will buy  her cosmetic of Aschypots.”

The third early form of advertising was the mark  placed by artisans on  their  individuals goods, such as pottery.  As the reputation of particular artisan spread  through word of mouth, buyers began to look for his distinctive mark, just as trademarks and brand-names are used today.  They would pay a premium for  example. Osnabruck linens, as production became more centralized and markets become more distant the mark of identifying name took on more significance.

The turning point in the history of advertising was in 1450, the year Goutenberg invented the  printing press. No longer did advertisers have to produce extra copies of sign by hand.  The first known English language advertising appeared in 1478.  in 1622, an important new medium gave advertising a substantial forward push, namely  the first English newspaper the weekly New. Later Joseph Addision and Richard Steele published the Tatler and became devotees of advertising, Addison in duded this  advice to copy writers.

The art of writing advertisement is the founding method to catch the reader.  Advertising had its greatest growth in the United States rathan then England, Benjamin Franlin is often called the father  of America’s cardle of advertising first, America industry led in the mechanization of production, which created surpluses and the need to convince consumers to buy more. Furthermore, the development  of fine network of waterways,  highways and roads made the transportation of goods and advertising media to the country side feasible.  The establishment of compulsory  public education in 1813 led to the decline of illiteracy and the growth of newspaper and magazine.   The invention of  radio and later television created two more amazing media for the dissemination  of advertising.  From then started modern advertising.

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