Solar Powered Street Lights For Bugembe Town Council

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Bugembe Town Council is located in the eastern part of Jinja District along the Jinja–Tororo highway, about 4 km from Jinja Municipality, which is the second largest town of Uganda in the Country. It is a home for most civil servants at the district and for the workers in most of the factories around, for example; Bidco Uganda Limited, Steel Rolling Mills Limited, etc. This has led to an increase in the demand and market for home commodities and to the development of small scale business. These businesses operate most during evening and night hours since that is the time the workers and civil servants are coming back home from their work.
In an effort for these workers to balance income and expenditure to be able to save something at the end of the month, they are looking for cheaper houses to live in and this has made landlords to set up unplanned structures in the town leading to the development of slum areas within Bugembe town council. This has caused congestion in the town leading to a lot of insecurity within and around Bugembe Town Council.
In order for the Town Council Authorities to provide security to her people, there is need to provide security lights along the various streets, lanes and roads in the town council and in these slum areas. We have had street lights along the highway but this has got high maintenance costs and if we include lighting the slum and other areas which look insecure due to the dark spots in these areas, the expenses will be too high and yet the Town Council does not have resources to pay for the grid line services. Therefore, we are proposing installation of Solar Street and Slum area lighting using solar powered light.
To create sustainable development and promote security at the town council level and ultimately raise the economic visibility of Bugembe Town Council.
When Solar Street Lighting is implemented, solar energy will bring indisputable positive impact in the lives of people within Bugembe Town Council. Street light poles will enable people to be engaged in a variety of different activities at night, which are currently considered doable only during hours of daylight. This fact alone will bring tremendous change in the lifestyle and in the way people i
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