An Expert System for Troubleshooting of a Local Telecommunication System (Private Exchange System PABX)

Local Telecommunication System
Local Telecommunication System
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There is a wide range of problems that can befall a telecom system, from static on calls to an inability to complete calls to dropped calls. Users may have problems only when calling out to numbers or when receiving inbound calls. Telecom systems are relatively complex, so trying to locate the source of a problem within one is an intimidating process for many users. When something goes wrong, the first instinct is often to call the carrier that is providing service. What many users may not realize is that there are a number of simple diagnostic tests that they can perform to locate the sources of problems in their telecom systems on their own. It is important that users realize that troubleshooting their own telecom system problems can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to resolve these problems. This can save a great deal of time and money for companies for which problems with their telecom systems negatively affect their daily operations. It may be that users must replace certain parts of their telecom systems, but they should try a few troubleshooting methods and attempt to have problems resolved before buying new telecom equipment. Local Telecommunication System







  • Background of the study


Like a consequence of the big evolution in telecommunications because of the advances produced by the new technologies, it is necessary have a quick, modernized and opportune form of information. So, nowadays, it is possible thanks to the computer science and the use of the communication networks, and especially, Internet. Telecommunication systems have evolved in time in the face of the necessity of satisfying the demands of the several services of telecommunication, that day by day need a greater band width and a better quality of service. Networks technology has increased its complexity generating the necessity of having a better administration of the resources of these systems, which has favoured the associated evolution of the system management [1] .

On the other hand, thanks to the researches carried out in the field of the artificial intelligence, important advances have taken place in the treatment, storage and exploitation of knowledge. Among these advances are the knowledge-based systems like the expert systems  So, expert systems are being applied with success in multiple fields like medicine, geology, chemistry, engineering, etc., for the realization of diverse tasks (interpretation, prediction, diagnosis, design, planning, instruction, control, etc.). The tasks on telecommunication networks are also fields in which is possible the application of expert systems, because many of the previously enumerated tasks are carried out on these networks. Besides, these tasks require specialized knowledge in order to be developed and therefore, an expert system can help to their automation process [2] .


1.2       Statement of the problem


From designing of expert system for troubleshooting of the telecommunication system problems for wired networks users, this study will reach to the situation of using the knowledge of human experts in the field of network and Internet communication, and using a rule-based expert system shell, a computer system can be designed and implemented in order to help each telecommunication user in case of their communication problems, whether they can help themselves to solve the problem quickly, or to fix it more quickly with the help of the network experts.


1.3       Objective of the study


The general objective of this study is to examine an expert system for troubleshooting of a local telecommunication system (private exchange system pabx)

Specific objectives are:

  1. To examine how an expert system could be designed and implemented for the elimination of defects linked to the telecommunication for users who connect through the wired communication networks
  2. To examine the main parts of such a system
  3. To examine how they work in organizations connected to internet


1.4       Research questions

  1. How an expert system could be designed and implemented for the elimination of defects linked to the telecommunication for users who connect through the wired communication networks?
  2. What are the main parts of such a system?
  3. How do they work in organizations connected to internet?


1.5 Limitation


The research work cannot contain all it supposes because of the following reasons or limitations.

Time factor:- The aim that is given for the research on this study is very limited making it impossible to go further into the research.

Unavailability of the needed information:- Seeing that only a few engineering firms exist in this country, it was difficult for me to get much informant for the work.

Limited resources: Because of the cost in transportation and other financial demands, it was not possible to get all the information needed for an elaborate work.


1.6       Definition of terms


Artificial intelligence result when machines are made to thick.  Artificial intelligence is a general term, which expert systems and robotics lie.  The expert system technology has been necessitated by the fact that some human domain experts delay some wonderful skill, which is lost whenever they die thereby leaving the future generation with little or nothing to inherit from their wonderful skill.  Hence they need the expert knowledge of a human being in a domain of activity to be stored in the computer such that computer mimic the reasoning of the expert in some way reaching the same decisions or conclusion as the expert himself and effectively replacing him.

Because of the reposition of an expert knowledge in the computer memory to enable it think like the expert.

Expert system (ES)

The title of this work “expert system on trouble shooting and maintenance of Epson printer” presents a lot of computer words or term or jargon which need detailed explanation or definition for absolute comprehensive of this and topic and the intention of this work.  I shall therefore proceed to highlight the meanings of the terms.

What is expert system?

According to Daniel L. Stotink and his friends in a book “computer and applications an introduction to data processing” expert system is also a knowledge based system.  It is a complex software (program), designed to imitate the thought processes and decision making patterns of human experts in a given field.  The expert system is an off-spring of artificial intelligence (AI) and it is developed using the programming techniques of A1.  when the expert knowledge of human being in a domain of activity is stored in the computer.  Such that the computer repository of this expert knowledge in some way, reaching the same conclusion as the expect himself and efficiently replacing him, an expert system or knowledge based system results.

Knowledge – Based

The repository in a computer of an expert’s knowledge in a given domain as a knowledge base.

Domain Expert

It is not easy to effectively replace the human being with just one expert system rather, a piece meal approach is used in which an expert system is instrumental for a narrow domain to mimic the human being in one activity at a time.

Reasoning by Induction

If in an expert system past conditions and corresponding decisions reached are stored such that where a new condition arises.

The computer tries to march it with one of the previous condition, the approach is known as reasoning by induction.




In general, the experience a human being acquires in any are of human endeavour are often in the form of rules of thumb which the human experts falls upon when confronted with a new but related situation.  Such rules of thumb are known as heuristic in artificial intelligence terminology.

Inference engine

The knowledge of an expert can be represented as a set of rules that allows the computer to make human like decisions on the subject.  In other words, a knowledge – base can actually be in the form of rules and not only in the form of tables of information which can also be used as alternative approach.   The computer program written to shift through the set of rules representing human expert knowledge so as to reach a decision on the current situation can be referred to as inference mechanism or inference engine.

Trouble – shooting

Trouble – shooting is the ac of detecting and mending faults be it a hardware or software facility.  To be good trouble shooter one needed to understand a system better than the average person.


Maintenance is the performance of “prevention or remedial maintenance in order to prevent incipient hardware faults or to correct a hardware fault that has occurred”.  We therefore define computer and printer maintenance as the prevention and correction of faults in the system or as knowing fault that has occurred or as knowing fault that has occurred or that fault can occur  and taking steps to ensure that the fault is eliminated.



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