Bibliographic Information On Mass Media In (2010-2013)

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The history development of the Nigerian media, has its roots in colonialism and the through the missionary efforts of one white reverend the Rt, Reverend Henry Townsend. This most called Iwe Irolin fun a Wonera Egba Ati Yoruba.

Reverend Townsend did not publish a political newspaper as it obtains today. But he went on to set the objectives of this paper so as to get the people to read and seek for information by reading.

The phenomenon or institution known as the mass media are the agencies through which message, information, knowledge and influences are transmitted to certain persons within a specific place. Such specific place could involve people who are anonymous and autonomous, living in different socio-cultural and economic background. The audience or leadership could be people whose particular frames of reference revolve around different. Political ethnic religious and social experience.

However, the fundamental of mass media communication insisted that such a message should reach an anonymous audience device. This precisely, means that it is a whole institution, working as a system and acting as carries or transmitters of such messages.


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