Analysis Of The Hygeinic Condition Of Canteen Food Services In Ho Polytechnic

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Ghana like many other developing countries is struggling with the means of providing a comprehensive solution to bad health as a result of bad eating conditions and habits. The current system of ensuring sanitation in the food served in the canteen, restaurant and chop bars has proven woefully inadequate for the objectives circumspect.
Places where better foods in the Ghanaian context are served in a hygienic condition are very expensive to customers, hence majority of the community preferred to eat their own cooked food.
The primary objective of the study is to identify and evaluate the significant difference in the food bought by students, lectures and non-lecturers and also to determine the significant difference between factors which influence the community to eat from the canteen.
A well structured questionnaire was administered using accidental sampling after clustering sampling procedure; the main statistical tool used in the analysis is the Kruskal-wallis non-parametric test statistics.
Research findings from in-depth responses indicated that food preferred by the population (students, non-lecturers and lecturers) are different. The result also indicates that there are differences in the factors that influence the population (students, lecturers and non-lecturers) from eating from the canteen.
The researcher recommends that; management should extend their operation to night, weekends and night service. It should also concentrate on the nutritional level as well as the hygienic condition of the canteen, since it is of keen interest to the customers.
The researcher recommends that management should give least attention to fat containing meal since it is of no interest to customers

Finally management should conduct a research to determine which categories of the population are the major customers and to serve them better.

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