Design And Implementation Of Computerized Mathematics Teacher(A Case Study Of Algebra)

Mathematics Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
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Mathematics Teacher


            In Nigeria today, it is a well-known fact that mathematics is one of the subject that students find difficult to understand and pass for one reason or the other. The reason why students have this kind of problem very possible due to lack of good teachers and teaching, time of lecture and orientation. Some teachers might be good mathematician but might not know how to impact the knowledge on the students.

Orientation is another thing that makes mathematics hard for students. When the students are made to believe that mathematics is difficult that is how they take it.  Students need to be made to know that mathematics is one subject that we must practice because practice makes perfect. Although, there are also good teachers and some students are simply lazy. There is a need for a computer software that can help out in some of the work, making the students to understand.

As long as the students are given values to work with, showing the working, solution to the problem and is playing the result which helps, the students to understand mathematics if not for anything but because it’s a computer.


This project titled and implementation of computerized mathematics teacher a case study of Algebra.

The project is organized into seven chapters. Chapter one consists of the introduction to the topic, statement of problem, purpose of study, aims and objectives, delimitations, assumptions and definition of terms.

Chapter two is about the review of literature. Chapter three describes the analysis of the existing system which consists of the fact finding, method used, organizational structure, objectives of the existing system, problems of the existing system.

Chapter four is the design of the new system which of output and input specification and design, system requirement, procedure and system flow chart.

Chapter five is all about the implementation of the program which contains the program design, program flow chart, pseudo code and source program. Chapter six is about the documentation and seven recommends and concludes the whole project.


Title Page


Organization of the work

Table of Figure

Table of Contents


1.1              Introduction

1.2              Statement of Problem

1.3              Purpose of Study

1.4              Aims and Objective

1.5              Scope of Delimitation

1.6              Limitation or Constraints

1.7              Assumptions

1.8              Definition of Terms


2.0              Literature


3.0       Description and Analysis of the Existing System

3.1       Fact Finding Methods Used

3.2       Organizational Structure

3.3       Objectives of the Existing System

3.4       Input Process, Output Analysis

3.5       Information Flow Diagram

3.6       Problems of the Existing System

3.7              Justification for the New System


4.0       Design of the New System

4.1       Output Specification and Design

4.2       Input Specifications and Design

4.3       File Design

4.4       Procedure Chart

4.5       System Flowchart

4.6              System Requirement


5.0       Implementation

5.1       Program Design

5.2       Pseudo code

5.3       Program Flowchart

5.4       Source Program

5.5              Test Run


6.0              Documentation


7.0              Recommendation and Conclusion





            In the world today, the computer has made a great impact. The computer has so influenced our life so much that people believe that the computer came from the underground world. Some say that the computer is a witch in form of a machine. This is due to the fact that the computer gives information, which is not expected of a machine. These people do not know that programs are written to be used friendly so that it will look as if it knows their problem.

Others are of a different view according to the statement made by Dr. Ukoe Ogbonma, “Computer is a unique demonstration of the height of science and technology in this world.

It is written in that in the end time there will be increased in knowledge. The computer scientist is not moved as a result of the knowledge he has of the computer. He is rather interested in bringing something into existence that he would also be known as a computer done.Mathematics Teacher


            Almost every school has the problem of time schedule where the mathematics lesson is to take place as from 10, 11, 12, and 2 O’clock. But it is surprising that students don’t like this type of schedule.

This is because most students believe that it is easier to learn mathematics in the morning when the weather is still cool. Another problem is the organization of the subjects.

Students believe that for subject which involve calculation like mathematics, it should be scheduled on the timetable that it would come up as the first or second lecture for a day, because of it comes up after two subjects, they will be tried up and unable to absorb anything.

Sometimes students are not interested in the lecture because the lecturer does not attend classes some have the believe that mathematics is hard knowing that if more interest is given it could be easier.

All these could be stopped with the aid of the computer being provided with  suitable programming language with graphics capabilities which provides interaction with the aid of a menu between the user and the computer.Mathematics Teacher


            The purpose of the study is to increase to a large extent the rate of understanding and the interest of the students in mathematics. That is for students who are not fast enough to take down notes and for students who don’t know or like in class.

It is also for those who loose interest when it comes to mathematics lectures. A few facilities have been incorporated to increase the interest of the students like the interaction between the user and the computer with the aid of menus.Mathematics Teacher


            The aim of this project is to increase the rate of assimilation of the students. It is also to increase the interest of the students by drawing their attention to the program, which will be use.

The objectives of the project are that the program should be able to tech the student the subjects it will take them on. It should also be able to ask certain questions that need answer inform input from the user. The program will show you the question and will require you to choose the question you want. The topic can be randomly accessed since you are given options to choose the topic you want.Mathematics Teacher


            The restrictions of this study are that the researcher could not put human voice into the computer system, since the program cannot provide all the questions one might want to ask. The goal can only be achieved to an extent since human wants cannot be satisfied. The program can only be used by computer owners and students that school in areas or schools that have computer.

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