Design And Implementation Of Simple Word Processor

Simple Word Processor
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 Simple Word Processor


Designing and implementation are learnt in this project.

Computer science course is relatively a new subject, its importance cannot be our emphasized with respect to the designing and implementation in word processing packages either in science, engineering, military business, industry and government.

Rate of processing of a proposed form, certification and designing of word  processor even if they design the rate of implementing is very low, since it involves writing it, which is done manually. An introduction of the designer of the simple word processor was carried out and also displayed to introduced the users the make of the operation of the simple word processor.

After the  message is displayed, it is made to wait on the screen till one has enough time to record it after which the user presses they key to continue if there is any need to press the key.


Title page


Table of contents

Chapter one

1.0        Introduction

1.1     Background

1.2        Statement of problem

1.3        Objectives of study

1.4        Categories of computer system

Chapter two

2.0        Literature review

2.1     Origin of simple word processor

2.1.0   How simple word processor helps to know where we are going

2.2        Development and need of simple word processor

2.3        Needs of simple word processor

2.4        Simple word processor.

Chapter three

3.0        System analysis

3.1     Analysis of existing system

3.2        System specification

3.3        Proposed system

Chapter four

4.0        System design

4.1     Conservation flow diagram

4.2        Program design and packaging

4.3        Erro handling

4.4        Creating screen design;

4.5        Mapset end

4.6        Managing storage from the program

4.7        Screen design and menu

Chapter five

5.0        Implementation

5.1     Program flowchart

5.2        Pseudocode

5.3        Source program

5.4        Test run

Chapter six

6.0        Documentation

6.1       Program compatibility

6.2        Requirements

6.3        Running the program

Chapter seven

7.1        Summary

7.2        Conclusion

7.3        Recommendation





This can guide us as we explain the system, since computer science is a new course. It’s importance can’t be over emphasized with respect to designing and implementation in text editing package which could be in science, engineering, business or government etc.

Consequently, computers are becoming indispensable. This is obviously true in developed countries like Nigeria is gradually being gravitated into computer oriented society with professional like engineers, analysts, designer etc. this might being enormous emphasis on design and implementation of some parts in the computer as well as the electronic circuits.

We have to design this simple text editor and word processing package and at least come out with an output design from a computer system that could serve as a tepping stone towards building of other text editing and simple word processing package and took more promising in the near future.


          Processing data of all sorts is relatively low, since it involve writing which is done manually. Misusing it computer keyboard, and lack of cohesion on the part of users, frequently do occur. It is well noted that there are sometimes.

Unnecessary delays and difficult routine papers works, which are, involved in simple word processing and text editing.

As these things are brought to light, there is then a need to design our own self-satisfactory package that could be used to carry out these functions by al users. These objectives could be reached by integrating the existing system into the proposed system and package.


Since, a simple word processor act as that part of a computer system that receives and stores instruction and data, performs arithmetic and logic operations and directs the actions of input and output devices a statistical data assembled by a typical computer expert is enormous and the processing the job is tasking and inefficient. The implementation of computers that will enhance the efficiency of the processing of the statistical data is highly desirable. The power and flexibility of computers in handling and processing various types of data and also for accurately calculation of complex equation are great assets in the effective management at of computerizes. Through intensive research we know that problem of delay in the computer will take of at least to a reasonable extent to enhance efficiency, accuracy and speed processing.


          The most distinguishing characteristics is its computing capacity (sizes) computer had been classified as microcomputers, minicomputer, mainframe computer and super computer etc. rapid advances in computer technology have brought what used to be distinguishing characteristics (size, cost memory-capacity etc).


          A microcomputer is a small computer. A keyboard, video monitor, and memory were attached to the microprocessor. The computer and its peripheral devices are called the computers system configuration of a microcomputer can vary. It consist of a computer keyboard for out put.

Monitor for soft-copy (temporary) output printer for hard-copy (printed) output one or two disk drives for permanent storage of data, some of the popular, add on-board are:-

–                      Ram

–                      Colour and graphics adapter

–                      Modern

–                      Internal battery-power clock/calculator

–                      Hard disk

–                      UCR back up

–                      Fax


          Mini computer has been described in terms of physical size, they are smallish computers that serves several users with several monitors called terminals connected to it or interms of its physical size, it can be it processing capability, the number of people that could be served simultaneously, memory capacities, the type of technology used in the processor environmental requirement. Each leap in technological innovation and the passages of time have obscured whatever clear cut destination could be made between mini and mainframe, but the way they are used, make them more like mainframe than micros. So even though some of the mare powerful micro service multiple users can look very much like small minis, we describe the minicomputer simply as the smallest.


          Limitation system/data processing. The bulk of existing computer is dedicated to information system and data computer is dedicated to information system and computer processing.

The category includes all uses of computers that support the administr4ation aspect of an organization e.g payrol system, airtime reservation system, student registration system etc.

Personnel computing: individual and companies are purchasing small inexpensive microcomputer, for a variety of business and domestic applications. A microcomputer system easily sits on a desktop and can be controlled by one person. The productivity tools for these are:

–                      Word processing

–                      Desktop publishing

–                      Electronic spreadsheet

–                      Data base

–                      Presentation graphics.


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