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Capital Market
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1.1              Statement of problem and purpose of study

1.2              Rationale of study

1.3              Significance of study

1.4              Definition of terms


Review of related literature


Research design and methodology

3.1              Source of data

3.2              Location of data

3.3              Limitation of the study


Data presentation, analysis and discussion of result

4.1              Data presentation

4.2              Data analysis

4.3              Discussion of result


Summary, conclusion and recommendation

5.1              Summary

5.2              Conclusion

5.3              Recommendation

5.4              Suggestion on further studies by further scholars





It is reasonable to admit that everything one does have a reason behind it. Therefore, it is good to mention here that there is a cogent reason and purpose for this research work. For this purpose the project seeks to identify the likely effects of lack of funding to the provision of adequate and quantitative education for the entire populace, more especially, the private sector.

Therefore, it is necessary to relate the effect of funding on the performance of school infrastructural facilities, qualified teachers, student performance in both internal and external examination, couple with the effect of the activities of the proprietors and proprietress of this private schools.

1.2              RATIONALE OF STUDY

It is therefore necessary in this aspect now to identify the necessity of this study as it will relate to:

  • How funding has effect the performance of private school in the area so student enrolment and if it is as a result of increased school fees it will scare the parent while if the school fees is moderate it will encourage more parent to admit their ward.
  • In the aspect of school facilities and equipment which is of great importance, funding has also caused a boast in the process. In which where there is no proper funding the opposite happens.
  • While in the aspect of employment of good and qualified teachers, a proper funding encourage the teacher to do well and qualified ones employed, while poor funding of this most important sector causes a set back in the process.
  • A good funding result to adequate and sufficient working capital , as a good working capital enhances good performance of the private schools, while a poor funding causes a serious set – back therefore this aspect should be looked upon seriously so as to ensure a good performance of the sector.

Following the above mentioned and identified findings; it can be concluded and summarized to mean that adequate funding attribute tremendously to the performance of private school. The performance of this schools are often measured by the availability of asset and their growth. This assets includes building, equipment, laboratory facilities and so on, but this assets cannot be acquired without capital. For instance, if capital is borrowed to obtain these assets, it must be repaid together with the accrued interest, and if not properly applied, can lea to financial strangulation and ultimately bad debt, therefore resulting to inability to provide further asset and more so reducing performance in due course.

This is why the research will seek to critically examine the objective of funding on the performance of private school and equally proffer solution upon the examined objective or findings.


This research work is of a paramount importance as if will mostly benefit and feed answers to the proprietor of school, teachers, student and the ministry of education on the question making the round, on why private schools takes the lead and head in the Nigerian educational endeavor. Is the answer actually funding? If yes, is this funding actually responsible for the performance of the private schools? As just recently, the great and large number of student observed to be passing national and international examination is from privately owned schools.

The importance of this work will not be restricted to the vital point concerning the effects of funding on the performance of private schools as it will touch vital areas like how these private schools source and apply their funds, coupled with how those sourced and applied funds effects the performance of these private schools as a case study will be taken from Queens comprehensive schools, providence high from and Genesis international school all in Enugu state.

The significance of this study, in accordance with the solution already stated, will centre mainly on the following mentioned beloved:

  • What would happen, if the school fees of this private school are increased as a means of sourcing income to fund the performance of the private schools or if the school fees is reduced to attract more students.
  • What would happen to the performance of private school should their be a drop in it service; finance backwardness and strangulation, bad debt and undoubtful debt, most student leaving the school including others will actually be considered should their be poor funding.
  • To show if the private sector – driven education is a force to reckon with.
  • It would equally show that the private schools could source fund through alterative source, such as from private individual, commercial bank etc.

1.4              DEFINITION OF TERMS

Certain terminologies were used in this chapter one, which may look or appear strange in the eyes of a layman and prevent the actual understanding of this study, but the researcher has include this portion in the work I the course of the research. To  prevent any difficulties in the research to prevent an difficulties in the assimilation and understanding of the research work, the following definition of various terms were used in the context various terms were use din the context of this study to facilitate the readers understanding


This is an amount set apart for the purpose, which is some special. It is a financial resource, a stock, a supply provided with money.

Private schools

These are schools own, control, directed and operated solely by individual with exception of government hands.


Causes to have knowledge, sound mind, good character, nice manners and abilities to make things to happen.


It is an initial amount of money used in starting up of a business. It is therefore the sum of money with which a business is started.


It means to cause or make a person to wish to work or act in a certain way.


To look at and consider carefully


To make something or an object to become larger than its former stage


The owners of the private schools.


To make something or an object to become larger than its former stage


It simply means the importance or meaning of a certain problem


It means a fundamental reason or a logical basis


The basic structural part of something, e.g roads, sewage bridges, etc regarded as facilities


The cutting off of the source or means of supply of resources to part of a body


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